If @SenTomCotton’s reasoning were sound then do away with the whole Jan 6th procedure. Congress has no role in the electoral process per @TomCottonAR (which is false but I am going by his claim). https://twitter.com/maggienyt/status/1345931282178592769
According to @SenTomCotton if a group of states go rogue to capturing a branch of the federal government, the other branches need to stand by and leave it for “the states” to decide.

Um, those states sent lawmakers to DC to defend/represent their state. No?

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Again, I am asking @chiproytx and @TomCottonAR to tell me the remedy for when states go rogue (I am not saying it happened here).

“Other states need to decide.”

How? Going to SOCUTS was rejected because one state can’t interfere in the business of another state. So what’s next?
. @chiproytx @SenTomCotton Well, Jan 6th is THE place where states via their House/Senate reps have a say. Again, I am not saying this year is/isn’t the time for it. I am arguing against your flawed argument that “leaving it for the states” means no action on 1/6. @jameslankford
Con lawmakers repeat the line that “states” decide the electors but those lawmakers don’t give a remedy for if multiple states approve wrong slates.

Sec of States can give to seal of their state to the wrong slate. What if enough states choose to do so? Other states can go to
state court/legislature Oops. What if those entities are run by partisans who want to hijack the process? Oh. Go to SCOTUS. Well, in that case SCOTUS will say that states have no say in the business of other states. Ok so what’s next? Tell me, @chiproytx @SenTomCotton @NancyMace
How do aggrieved states get relief if a group of states via their sec of state, courts and legislatures decide to hijack the presidency?

By their reps stepping up on Jan 6th. Indeed, if Congress has no role in the electors why is Congress involved on 1/6!to begin with?

Today, @tedcruz made the point that if the job of Congress is to rubber stamp the Electoral Votes, then give it for a clerk and done.


I did not know until now that Cruz made this point because MSM did not parade it around but neither did Con Media.
Sad sack of clown meat.

@SenTomCotton opposes the election integrity efforts by @SteveDaines because a Dem Congress may refuse to count GOP electors.

Ha. In 2005 Clown GOPers said they can’t go Nuclear because one day Dems will do it.

Well, Dems anyway did it (in 2013).
Short @SenTomCotton:

“Dems may have wronged you now but if you use the only remaining tool to highlight this wrong doing, Dems will wrong you again in the future so roll over now. Or... go to “the courts” including state courts run by Dems who will help Dems at every turn.”
The core argument by @TomCottonAR is not on the merit of the fraud claim. He argues why using Congress is not the way to go among then that Dems may decide not to seat GOP electors down the road.

Oh ok, Tom. Let Dems crush you now because down the road they may crush you.
A reminder to @TomCottonAR that many Dems objected to seating GOP electors after the 2000, 2004 and 2016 elections. So... to rollover in 2020 to avoid Dems doing what they already did makes zero sense.

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GM @SenTomCotton @chiproytx

If a State’s Sec of state, courts and legislature all want to steal electors, what’s the remedy?

Not SCOTUS because they say one state can’t interfere in another state.

What else?

Probably only Jan 6 where STATE’s are represented via lawmakers.
Poll: Do you support the Surender Caucus of the GOP, the Election Integrity Caucus or you have no opinion? (Please see the thread above for more background info on this.)

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In a letter today, @Mike_Pence makes the same point I did a few days ago in this thread. Namely, if there are electoral issues then Congress is the place to settle it. Thank you.
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