1/ I think of trading like filtration

You take in mass amounts of info & you run it through your filters to determine things the market doesn’t know or realize yet

One of the big perils is taking in too narrow a band of information (you can wind up in an echo chamber)
2/ Another problem is taking in too much garbage (I don’t listen to tips from dogcatchers on crypto, for example)

With every source, there are questions in the back of my 🧠

How old are they? How wealthy? What’s their motivation? What’s their trading style/timeline?
3/ We’re entering a period where some total morons could start looking intelligent

And some smart people could start looking like 🐎 ‘s asses
4/ Filter what they say & why

Force yourself to look up the food chain to people smarter than you... to people w more money or more research time

Credentials don’t matter, but experience points and perspective do
5/ This shit is happening & it can make it hard to think straight

It’s like going to battle

Do you want to fight beside the new recruit, or someone who has been in the trenches before?

Let’s level up, sers, & we just might make it together

🤡 out
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