While institutions are increasingly discussing $ETH (what, why, how), they’re not FOMO’ing into it the way they are into $BTC right now.
There are many reasons for this — compared to $BTC, $ETH is younger, takes more time to grok, and constantly has to correct propaganda from #bitcoin maxis.
There’s still a lot of reputation upside for institutions that “get” $ETH early (still a pioneer here)—

—whereas $BTC is quickly becoming a consensus macro trade (now borderline a follower).
When we look back in ten years, I expect both $BTC and $ETH to be trillion dollar assets.
We’ll see $BTC went the gold route, and $ETH went the capital route, to cement their places in global finance.
And as for when institutions start FOMO’ing into $ETH... enjoy the fireworks 💥

Hopefully @yassineARK @wintonARK lead the way with quality research.
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