The diamond keeps shining brighter. Get ready for greatness from $COUV and Carbon-Ion. ⁦ @elonmusk⁩ Instead of DOGE coin, shouldn’t this be on your radar? 🤔 
The EV infrastructure SOLUTION. 👇🏻$COUV
Proven performance. Get familiar with this man.
This man is responsible for this game changing tech, and he’s still involved post Zap-Go as part of the Carbon-Ion team. Things are starting to come together. ⚡️$COUV
Read closely. “Design-Build” Manufacturing facility in Harwell, 13 miles south of Oxford, UK. I’m in construction, that means the plans for the facility are still out for bid and drawings are not 100% complete. However, moving forward. This is huge. $COUV
@tripsmoolamoola @ArryHere @AlexDelarge6553 @TESLAQUEENOTC @God1st_America 👆🏻take a look at the above thread and let me know your thoughts with the updated website and info on $COUV. Definitely belongs at #1 for Monday.
Lastly. The best part. Pulling up to the gas station, “filling” up the “tank”, in 5 minutes. Mimicking the traditional fill-up experience, for EV’s. 10x faster than $TSLA current super chargers. Now they have the team in place to execute. $COUV
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