With 2020 now in the rear view mirror, I thought it might be fun to post some 2020 $TSLA hater predictions gone wrong.

Matthew Battle:
🥴 “75,000 or less Model 3s in 2019 and even less in 2020.”

I’ll reply with a few more below and you can play along by adding your own.
“Don’t think Tesla will be able to produce 300K cars/yr for the next 3 years”
Thomas Smith:
“No real earnings until after the BK process is resolved and new equity owners are brought on”.
@KingPickleRick1 :
“Tesla will lose >$700 million again in 2020”
@fartsmajeure :
The first Model 3 will roll off the line at GF3 in “4Q 2020 at the earliest”.
Sir @fraudalot :
Tesla “hasn’t been EPS positive for a full year in its history. Finding it likely that 2020 won’t break the pattern.”
@Commuternyc :
“The competition for EV cars is coming but frankly there are so many other reasons $TSLA will fail it doesn’t even matter if there is competition for EV cars or not.”

“No profits ever.”
@auto_cynical :
“That’s cute that you think Tesla will be in business a couple of years from now.”
@thethomasbrand :
“I would go short {$TSLA} again today if I had to decide again”
—Steven Walter Thomas, M.Ed, January 13, 2020
@agusnox :
“Has Tesla sold or will sell 500k in 2020? No.”

@orthereaboot :
“Tesla is 2+ years away from their version of mass producing the Y”
— “Luis Carruthers” (pseudonym), March 7, 2019
And I guess I should stop at some point. Here’s a 3-for-1:
@paul91701736 @KingPickleRick1 @sklippitt

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