1/7. How #Globalism works & what's its objective.

In 1913 big bankers created a banking cartel in the name of the #FederalReserve which gave them the power to create money from nothing by loaning out money to people, corporations & governments in the return for interest.
2/7. How #Globalism works & what's its objective.

The #FederalReserve was created in 1913 which gave them power to create money from nothing & now the money its accumulated over the years our money in the form of interest is now being used against us.
3/7. How #Globalism works & what's its objective.

Globalism #TheGreatReset is just a takeover it's all about power holding it & maintaining it they don't care about me & you they only care about power. They fear the people so they have every need to control us & enslave us.
4/7. How #Globalism works & what's its objective.

The western world & the developed nations are now the targets of the globalists & they are on course to bring about #TheGreatReset & the #NewWorldOrder by destroying what we have..
5/7. How #Globalism works & what's its objective.

Only we the people can oppose globalism & the global reset only we the people can make the difference to our futures we are the masses & the politicians are working for other interests & not the people.
6/7. How #Globalism works & what's its objective.

We the people need to be informed about the dangers the globalist movement poses, but this is exactly why they have bought & controlled most of the information outlets #MSM, #BigTech etc to sway public opinion & social control.
7/7. How #Globalism works & what's its objective.

This talk was given by G Edward Griffin in 1994 & the things he is warning of have now been built up & are now been embedded into our Societies ready to impose it's control over us the #TheGreatReset is real and we must reject it
G. Edward Griffin answers the questions of Where does money come from? Where does money go? Who makes money? We get a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, their pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money.
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