1. - Pompeo/Lin Wood = Mercer?

Lin Wood has had fascinating tweets as of late, asserting Epstein was alive - that VP Pence could be soon executed for treason, and also that Mike Pompeo was sending twitter comms.
Let's consider Wood/Pompeo comms.
Before the last couple of months, Lin Wood was mostly known by me due to his success in beating MSM and getting Nick Sandmann settlements from CNN/WaPo. https://twitter.com/LLinWood/status/1288613158056148992 An execption feat!

Also note the mention of his Alma Mater "Mercer" Law School
Alma Mater is of course most commonly used to refer to one's place of education.

However, it's also defined as a fostering mother.

This is relevant because when Mike Pompeo announced his new dog "Mercer" he mentioned it was his mother's maiden name. https://twitter.com/LLinWood/status/1274369053029814273
I discuss dog comms frequently, it defines a relationship of loyalty.
https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1134673549728215040 For example they had different dogs be elected Mayor in CA to symbolize control over the FBI Mueller and then Comey.

Note how one dog Mayor died when they switched Mueller to Comey
So the dog "died" when they switched dogs.

Lin Wood = Legendary Attorney and Trump ally.

Who is the most most popular Lawyer that's a Trump ally tho?

Mark Levin

Note the same day Pompeo announced "Mercer"- Mark Levin announced death of his own dog.
05/18/2020 One day after Levin started his rare break due to dog Trump re-tweeted 4 Levin videos with Lincoln behind him + 1 tweet breaking the 4 up with text "Where is Christ Wray?"
Allies getting together for coordination? Future L Wood actions?
It adds up to Lin Wood being a key player for Trump comms.

Thus when Lin Wood tweets about the possibility of Pence being executed for treason?
Perhaps it's a promise from Trump admin to him on what happens if he doesn't change course on a decision?
His promises may well be a promise from POTUS.

Pompeo asserted Mercer was named after The MASTERMIND of GEORGE WASHINGTON crossing the Delaware on DURHAM boats. https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1342550997680312321 Q start date = Durham start date.
Lin Wood specifically called out the comms in Mike Pompeo posting a photo with a George Washington (Durham investigation) painting and a Truman (CIA Created) painting.

Exposing agents? https://twitter.com/LLinWood/status/1345090417826684928 <- also notice there's no Mike Pence in the photo.
It was Pence that got Flynn fired.
They knew there was an innocent sentence in the call they could lay a trap around.

Pence intentionally walks in that trap and thus Trump was forced to fire lest he humiliate the VP position.
I didn't notice this tweet.
https://twitter.com/LLinWood/status/1345525150020751360 I can't think of a better statement that would lend more credence to my theory than this one.

That Pence was supposed to see his tweets and change course because of them.

Some are trying to prevent message from delivery?!
That tweet Pence was supposed to see was him posting a picture of Epstein & Maxwell?

Note this was AFTER Lin Wood set the media ablaze by asserting Epstein was alive and relating it to John Roberts blackmail.
Let's go into that....
Note Ron Watkins likely commenting on this relation by posting Portal - 'Still Alive' - a song played after winning a game about someone who lives on inside a computer despite being torn to pieces.
Meaning Epstein is dead but CASE is alive and well!
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