The ancient Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu-ō-mikami hides in and re-emerges from the Iwato cave first recorded in the oldest Japanese texts. Her origin is found in the Rig Veda as the Dawn goddess Usha- in the form of a beautiful woman who heralds the rising of the sun.
The Japanese story is an echo of Rig Vedic account that she was hidden in a cave found on an island in the middle of the stream at the end of the world. The cave is opened by Indra, accompanied by poets and singers. They recite, sing, and compose Mantras to release her.
Ushas is mentioned in 40 times in Rigveda. She rides a golden chariot drawn by 100 horses in the sky & is described as the Mother of the Cows. The cow is a Vedic symbol for spiritual illumination & she is the source of radiance, splendour & clarity of the inner illumination
Both she & the cows are released by Indra who represents human will from the Vala cave at the beginning of time. This story symbolizes the release of knowledge from the cave of ignorance in human manifestation. Like Ushas, Ameratsu represents light, awareness & activity.
As creation rests at night & is active during the day, the transformation which takes place from night is due to Ushas. She leads the Sun to reveal his immense power and warmth to the beings of the world. Thus she is the one who brings the dawn of human consciousness.
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