🔥Christiana Figueres “We can definitely change the numbers and we should.. we are already, today, exceeding the planetary ‘carrying capacity’. To say nothing of adding more people.” #EVIL
🔥Depopulation Agenda
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🔥 ‘The Population Bomb’ made dire predictions..
🔥 Unless humanity cut down its numbers—soon—all of us would face “mass starvation” on “a dying planet.” 1970? 🤔
🔥 This is disgusting. He should have started with himself 🤔
#Depopulation = #ClimateHOAX
🔥 ‘Humanity’ is the problem? 🤔
🔥 Paul Erlich’s current endeavor
MAHB ~ The Human Predicament?
🔥Greta Thunberg? 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️
🚨These people are mad and should be locked up for #CrimesAgainstHumanity
#DepopulationAgenda ButterfliesFirst?
🔥World Vasectomy Day 2020
👉 https://mahb.stanford.edu/library-item/world-vasectomy-day-2020/
🔥 Strengthening *family-planning services is crucial to slowing population growth, 🤔
*Population policies, programmes and the environment⁉️
👉 https://mahb.stanford.edu/library-item/population-policies-programmes-environment/
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