Now -- there were no deaths reported today, despite the fact that 100+ people did die. It's because today is a holiday. And on holidays, in Canada, unlike in most parts of the world, we rest. And so tonight's number is thanks to me going back to other data sources...
Hardest to locate are deaths related to hospital outbreaks. Those aren't uniformly reported, or aren't reported at all. But I found a few.

Despite there being no reporting, I did manage to link 108+ deaths in 24 hrs to residential facilities -- thanks to a data update from BC.
This is an increase in deaths of 691 in one week -- yes, at least 691 people living in a residential facility, where management should have been legally required to keep them safe, died since Christmas Eve.
Weekly increases counted each Friday have been ... The weeks before, the increases were: 419, 558, 589, 437, 403, 323, 299, and 188 on Friday, November 6.
In 2020, at least 29 medical personal were reported to have died from COVID caught on the job. The overwhelming majority were racialized, and the majority were Black.
In 2020, at least 36 people died as a result of COVID that they caught in the workplace. Again, a majority of these workers were racialized.
And finally -- if you're wondering why cases are skyrocketing even though schools have been closed for weeks, take a look at Peel Region's outbreak data.

The majority of these outbreak locations are unaffected by lockdown meausres ...
It isn't just Peel -- here is Quebec provincial data. Outbreaks are found primarily in manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, construction and building services. Again -- all mostly untouched by our lockdown measures.
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