Goofy philosophical thread about why we suck:

The enduring quality of Canadians, that we always say we are sorry, is perhaps the most profound statement: we are always sorry. We live sorry lives. We elect sorry politicians. We accept sorry conditions. Sorry sorry sorry.
We are governed by men who know this and who exploit this. We don't deserve politicians who will work through the holiday during a pandemic. We reward the ones who are the least sorry, as an act of projecting what we secretly wish we could be, if we weren't so sorry.
We grasp onto cultural touchstones that allow us to hide our patheticness: the machismo of hockey, the perfection of maple syrup, the aspiration of a successful store franchise, like Tim Hortons.

The smell of Canadian Tire.
It's a society that, today (it certainly seems like it has gotten worse so let's talk today) the least sorry and also least talented people rise to the top of every single industry.
Our cultural institutions are run by people who hate us. They are never sorry -- they aren't pathetic like we are.

So we get the most boring, least inspiring foods fed to us, unless you actively seek out something different.
During the pandemic, it isn't a surprise that politicians have done the bare minimum and the opinion journalists have showed this bare minimum with praise.

No surprise that we haven't surrounded any provincial leader's home demanding ... anything.
No surprise that opposition politicians are "doing their best" amounting to literally nothing. No surprise that (very few) social movements have not figured out how do much more than call for basic demands.
All of this means that the key to turning things around is this:

Stop being sorry.

Reject their lies.

Show up where they are and confront them.

Make your own culture.

Stretch the limits of what you are allowed to do on your job.
Challenge your dumbass boss.

Risk getting fired (you will inspire your coworkers!)

Set decorum on fire

Set people on fire who whine about decorum

Refuse to fall into the stereotype that a politician believes will stop you from taking radical action ...
And actively honour and support those folks who are doing this, have been doing this and who have the way forward for you when you're honestly not sure what to do next.
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