Fox and Friends some years ago attacked Mr. Rogers because he said all children are special. Their argument was that it would make children entitled.

What Republicans want is for people to have low self-esteem. Be crippled with anxiety and fears. To not expect the best from
Others and themselves, to be easily manipulated and used.

But here is the thing. Everyone is special. There is no other you. I also don’t like these books called “The gift of imperfection” books for you to love your imperfections. But these are stating that you are not perfect.
When in fact everyone is the most perfect version of themselves. You only become imperfect by buying into what society tells you is perfect.

You are perfect as you. Respect yourself and don’t ever let anyone walk over you and treat you badly.
If you have what society calls a big nose. Love it. If your ears are large and stick out. Love them. If you are short. Love that. If you are starting to get wrinkles, love them, some don’t get the chance. These are not imperfections. They are the perfect you. Fantastic you. 🖖
Always think this. That there is no other you on planet Earth. Not one. There is only one you out of billions. This is not touchy-feely self-help nonsense. This is reality. The reality of your complete uniqueness. If you remember just this, you don’t need self-help books.
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