The ancient wisdom of #Vedas.l.. the first words spoken by Man.. passed on fm Guru to Sishya - orally.

Older than any other text or any religion, still relevant as greatest philosophy ever propounded.

Shaken, but still surving, thanks to these Gurukul schools

Disciples hv to listen, question & chant till they remember the complete text, along with its meaning.

while living a austere life - trikala sandhya, Guru susrusha - with a discipline that few can master!

In earlier times, they had to live on alms (Unccha Vritti) as well.
All this knowing fully well, they will never get rich, possibly live frugally entire lives.

Such is the life of #Brahmin boys.

To be ridiculed, sidelined, insulted by the every other #caste, every other #religion, and #LeftMedia with Govts turning a blind eye.
Throughout history #Brahmins rarely had any political power, taught to be kind and fair to not just humans, but even to #animals .. very few brahmins are MPs / MLAs now

Most Vaidic brahmins live in abject poverty. No #reservations & no Govt jobs.

#Brahmins are easy targets
#Brahmins are easy targets for #Dravidian parties, #Ambedkarites, #Congress, #Leftmedia

While real political power now in is in the hands of Other Castes, even #dalits #minorities, it is still #Brahmins who are targeted by people like @meenakandasamy
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