Sarah Faichney's Top 20 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Books Published In 2020

(in no particular order) 

A thread: I read a whopping 210 books in 2020. I was going to do a Top Ten but that proved impossible so here's my Top Twenty, 5 star books, published (and read) in 2020...
#BigGirlSmallTown by @michellegallen Authentic, refreshing and a compulsive read, you will LOVE Majella and the diverse, endearing supporting cast of residents in Aghybogey. Hilarious with some sad and serious undertones, I loved it. I hear talk of telly so read it now... 🍟
#WeBeginAtTheEnd by @WhittyAuthor One of the best books I've ever read. Raw, honest writing with spectacular plotting. Beautiful portrayal of the complexity of small town American life. Languid pacing. Duchess Day Radley is the embodiment of sass with ACEs coming out of her ass.
#WitnessX by @semoorhead Great premise & what an opening! Brutal, gory, creepy, genre-bending psychological thriller. Kyra has invented tech to improve the justice system. Moorhead's imagination and attention to detail are exemplary. Exciting, fast-paced read. Needs to be on TV.
#MagicLessons by @ahoffmanwriter Intoxicating, hypnotic writing & a dark read about family, love and loyalty. If you're fascinated by familiars, grimoires, spells and witch hunts then this book will make your soul sing. I want to be Maria Owens' pal! Didn't want this book to end.
#TheSmallestMan by @franquinn Extremely loveable Nat Davy narrates the tale of how he came to be the Queen's dwarf in 17th Century England. Quinn's rendering of the period is fascinating. A triumph of historical fiction & heartwarming book exploring what it means to be different.
#TheOnceAndFutureWitches by @AlixEHarrow Witches, feminists, activists, suffragettes, patriarchy-dismantlers - what's not to love? A book about sisterhood with a capital S, simultaneously uplifting and empowering. A story to savour despite the overwhelming urge to devour.
#HellInTheHeartland by @RealJaxMiller
Fascinating account of a devastating incident. Miller isn't fearless; she's courageous & tenacious. Producing this book took a toll on her. A shocking, deeply disturbing yet brilliant true crime read. #FindLauriaAndAshley #BringTheGirlsHome
#TheYoungTeam by @G_Armstrong21 Phenomenal debut. Armstrong gives voice to disenfranchised young men in Scotland. Makes heavy use of dialect to great effect. Accessible writing featuring some beautiful prose. A vital voice in Scottish fiction. Easy to digest but hard to stomach.
#ShuggieBain by @Doug_D_Stuart Dark debut which perfectly captures the essence of '80s Glasgow; the poverty & patter amidst political devastation. Stuart employs beautifully descriptive language amidst the harshness & heartbreak. My favourite scene was Whitney in wellies.
#LiesToTell by @MarionETodd I read this in one sitting. Interesting insight into procedural & technical elements of police work. Todd skilfully ramps up the tension and keeps us guessing throughout. Her characters are relatable. I'm a huge fan of the DI Clare Mackay series.
#OutForBlood by @deborah_masson Plot is engaging, current and keeps us guessing till the nail-biting denouement. Masson's creative mind is warped but brilliant & she doesn't pull any punches. Loving the DI Eve Hunter series so far.
#ScabbyQueen by @kirstininnes Clio Campbell is a feisty, feminist protagonist whose life unfolds in layers. The story straddles timelines and perspectives. Innes captures the post-Independence referendum mood perfectly. A massive air punch in book form.
#TheBookOfLongings by @suemonkkidd Monk Kidd brings the era & characters to life through her beautiful writing. She combines research with imagination, fact with fiction. A brave piece of work which will divide opinion. I'm glad the author mustered her audacity. Inspiring read.
#SexRobotsAndVeganMeat by @jennykleeman Weird, wonderful and an exemplary piece of work. The results of an enormous amount of research presented in plain language. Hugely interesting and enlightening, hilarious and terrifying. Buy a copy for a friend, real or robotic.
#DjinnPatrolOnThePurpleLine by Deepa Anappara Humorous, heartwarming and heartbreaking. Anappara has taken some very sad truths and spun them into the most glorious fiction. Provides a valuable insight into Indian culture. Wee Jai is a sweetheart. I adored this book!
#Highfire by @EoinColfer Clever, funny, packed with high octane hijinks and the most unlikely friendships. Ripped through it in a day then suffered a massive book hangover. Colfer has played a blinder with this one. Echoes of Terry Pratchett.
#HumankindAHopefulHistory by @rcbregman Extremely interesting insight into what makes us human. The level of research clearly undertaken by Bregman is staggering. Fascinating and incredibly informative. An essential, uplifting read.
#DiaryOfAConfusedFeminist by @kateelizweston A sparkling debut which brings belly laughs from the opening chapter. Fun & light-hearted yet touches on some serious issues. Strewn with cracking references & facts. Louise Rennison for the #MeToo generation. Needs to be on telly.
#TheUnwilling by @KellyBraffet Fuel for your fantasy fire. A long read but one which you won't want to end. Seems to be dividing opinion but I loved it. Braffet is a superior world-builder. Will we be hearing more from the residents of Highfall? I sincerely hope so!
#FiftyFifty by @SSCav Cavanagh is one of my favourite writers of all time & I'm shamelessly obsessed with the Eddie Flynn series. Fifty-Fifty is extremely well-plotted & written. The tension in some scenes is almost unbearable. His most breathtakingly brilliant book yet.
That's all, folks! Huge thanks to #NetGalley & the fabulous publishers who have sent me #ARCs & #Proofs this year. Always keen for more! If you've read all of this, bravi! I hope you find something you like. Eternal gratitude to #tsundokusquad for all things bookish. #HNY2021
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