Feeling a mix of emotions getting my #COVID19 vaccine this afternoon.

Feeling tremendous gratitude to have had early access to the vaccine and to now have its protection.

Feeling disappointment & frustration that most people don’t have access to it yet including many who are...
...the most vulnerable to the virus including like my loved ones.

Feeling sadness for those who lives were taken because of the federal gov’t’s ineptitude in managing the response./2
As I walked home from Harlem Hospital this evening, down 125th St., I heard and saw lots of signs of #BlackJoy despite being in the midst of this pandemic.

My eyes teared up as I thought about how much I want to protect my community, my people./3
For me, getting the #COVID19 vaccine and engaging w/ my community abt the vaccine are two of the ways I can do just that./4
Extra special day b/c my twin sis @uche_blackstock also got her vaccine earlier today! Woot woot!
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