THINGS I AM OVER 2020: Alleged "pro-life" folks who refuse to wear a mask, claimed god sent Trump but not the plague (they claim that was China) as a message, who howl about abortion but claim the 300k as a result of Trump is "god's will." You are awful.

I am over you assholes.
Conservatives who SCREAMED about 4 dead in Benghazi, held weeks of hearings, demanded justice & SAID NOTHING ABOUT THE 300K DEAD ON TRUMP'S WATCH.

They made us give up privacy & our shoes on an airplane due to 9/11, but can't be bothered about masks.

I am over you assholes.
Christians who HOWLED about Clinton's infidelity, blamed his wife for it, even, but forgave Trump's many infidelities & lies. You forgive one but not the other, that means your morality is transactional, ergo, not morality. It's bullshit.

I am so over you hypocritical assholes.
Folks & pundits who claim rural Americans are the real Americans. As a former Iowan (and current New Yorker) that is specious bullshit and then some. Coast dwellers are just as American as farmers.

That "take" is baked with racism, too, btw. Big time.

I'm over you assholes.

The Electoral College. Need I say more?

I am also over politicians who lack the will to fix that fucking thing after the disaster of the 2000 election, too.

I am over your bullshit. Fix it or shut up. Citizens can't fix it, only you can.
"This is gonna sound racist, but it's not-"

It's racist. Yeah, you have black friends, they probably forgive your mild racism, because they have to, if they didn't, they'd have no white friends. Black folk take the love thy neighbor thing more serious than white.

Over it.
"BLM is a terrorist group."

Stop. They're not. It's a public advocacy movement demanding equal treatment by the justice system. That's it.

Any claim contrary is, well, fucking racist & ignorant.

And I'm over it.
"Social media has turned us into monsters."

Really? We weren't monsters during slavery, industrial revolution when kids worked in factories, during Jim Crow? Social media is a tech upheaval, which causes disturbance. But it didn't make us anything we weren't.

Over that take.
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