There has been quite a bit of back-channel chatter about an asset being referred to as "Witness X". Supposedly giving up lots of high profile individuals. @LLinWood's tweet now just added more fuel to that story. The question is: "Is #JeffryEpstein "Witness X"? #EpsteinIsAlive
THIS TWEET: By @Llinwood maybe the truth about #JeffreyEpsteinisalive #WitnessX @threadreaderapp #Unroll
PHOTO: Does anyone know the source and date of this image? It appears to be an overhead (Satellite?) image of #JeffreyEpstein #JeffreyEpsteinIsAlive @threadreaderapp unroll #unroll
VIDEO OF PHOTO: Daily drone footage #EpsteinIsland taken by Rusty Shakelford (All Photo Credits to Rusty Shackelford) AFTER #JeffreyEpstein's alleged suicide. #JeffereyEpsteinisalive
EPSTEIN VIDEO: Complete footage. You decide for yourself is #JeffereyEpstein the man in this footage? #JeffereyEpsteinisalive @LLinWood
EPSTEIN AMBULANCE PHOTOS: Those don't look like Paramedics do they? #JeffereyEpsteinisAlive #EpsteinDidntKillHimself #EpsteinIsland @LLinWood
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