Why was this world created ?

Thread on Bhagwad Puran, continuing from Canto 3.

(I won't write about Canto 2, because it's a very simplistic canto. If you understand Geeta at basic level, you understand Canto 2 as well.)

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When Pandavas returned from Forest and asked for their property rights, Dhritrashtra refused.

Lord Krishna gave the assembly a really beautiful lecture on Kingship which sounded like Amrit to the likes of Bheeshm Pitamah.
But surprisingly Kauravs did not find it even a bit interesting.

How could they ?

Kauravs and Dhritrashtra were blind, not by eyes but by their sins.

They could not see anything beyond their own ego and glory.
Vidura, a Krishn Bhakt Kauravs stood up at this point and called out hypocrisy of Duryodhan's faction.

He told Dhritrashtra that the man he was ignoring due to blind faith in his sons was Lord of Universe himself!

Vidur got kicked out of kingdom for this sedition.
Vidur had only one option now - to keep a low profile and silently wander in forests.

En route to his travels he saw multiple temples of multiple deities and demigods - but in all of them he saw an image of Lord Krishna
After a few weeks, he met Uddhav and told him how much he was missing Krishna.

Uddhav went into a trance and cried madly.

"On one hand, the unborn God pretends to be born on this earth.
And on the other our people refuse to see divinity in him. What kind of pretense is this ?"
Uddhav renarrated many Leelas of Krishn.
One worth mentioning -

"When Krishna was leaving Devki Vasudev, he touched their feet and very humbly apologised for not being able to protect them from Kans for so many years.."
Such is the difference between a sinner's eyes and a Bhakt/Bhagwan's eyes.

A sinner may never ever see his flaws and may keep patting his back on small achievements.

But Bhagwan and his followers are perfectly able to see their existence's impact on universe.
Uddhav sent Vidur to Maitrey Rishi.

Vidur served Maitrey and asked him "What kind of universe is this ? Everyone over here tries to seek happiness, no one seeks sadness,and yet it is achieved by rare few people only !
What was God seeking while creating this Universe ?"
Maitrey "When there was nothing, there was God alone. Self illuminated. There was no darkness.
Since there was no darkness, God could hardly see his own self.

God was not non existent at this moment, neither was he naive.

He had intentionally inactivated his powers back then"
( maya is a power of God)

"God created universe without intention of chaos and with seeds of his own consciousness. And then he differentiated everything into subject-doer-object and Satva-rajas-tamas.

Rajas created 5 sense organs and motor organs.
Tamas gave birth to ether."
Ether is Akasha

Akasha = a + kasha

Kasha = 'to be' (NOT 'to exist' , but 'to be')

We cant say where exactly Akasha exists, or where it is not.

Akasha is medium of travel of waves.

Hence, this non existent entity gives existence to waves in Motion.
Tamas literally means inertia and darkness.

Hence, even though God is manifesting in Akasha, but we cant see him.

Just like an object moving forward recieves backward force by inertia,

Mobile waves receive a temporary stationary status in ether.
"फिर वायु ने आकाश के साथ विकृत हो कर रूप तंत्र मात्र की रचना की और उससे संसार को प्रकाशित करने वाला तेज उत्पन्न हुआ ।"

Translation - these waves struck the either and got split into multiple spectrums which formed illuminating vibrations of various wavelengths.

I.e. this -
"And then God glanced at this illuminated world - and he gave birth to time, sound, smell, visuals and life potency."

(We are not talking about human life potency, but life potency of Ether, sound, time etc.
These entities are not non living - they are live servants of God)
A lesson in humility -

At this moment Akasha decided "Now i will create a universe of Akashic organisms."

So decided Vaayu,

And so decided Roop, Gandh, dhwani, Rajas, Tamas etc.

But they forgot that they were incomplete without Krishna.

And all of them failed...
God showed mercy on them. He assimilated all of them inside his own self i.e. Virat Roop.

He divided Viraat Roop into-

10 physical form of Pranas

3 metaphysical forms - spiritual, material and deities (spirituomaterial)

BG 10.20: "O Arjun, I am seated in the heart of all living entities. I am the beginning, middle, and end of all beings."

The same heart that is possessed by Parmatma is possessed by us humans as well.
We are plainly blind, not being able to see it.
Then Maitrey explains how different deities live in different organs of Virat roop. A remarkable point -

Rudra is offspring of Ego of Virat roop.
Rudra will destroy Virat roop ultimately.

Hence Note - Virat Roop is NOT eternal.
Virat Roop is just a part of Krishna, not whole.
Why should we do Bhakti ?

"the greatest poet of universe Brahma once sung poetic praises of God for 1000 spiritual years (1 breath of Brahma = life span of one universe. Imagine 1000 years now..) and yet he failed.

Hence, Bhakti is source of infinite pleasure."
Vidur asked a very intelligent question "How can pure and divine God desire to take something like Maya ?"

Maitrey "Maya does not exist.
What a human sees is totally dependent on his perception..
An impure mind may see Maya and pure may see God in the same object."
Vidur "Why did God create universe ? Did he get overpowered by desire of creation?"

Maitrey "No. Imagine a moon's reflection in a pond.
If we throw a pebble in pond, reflection of moon will seem distorted, but the actual moon would stay the same."

Moon = God
Desire = pebble
One may say that very few verses of Bhagwad Puran actually call Krishna as supreme Godhead.

But definitely there is a huge abundance of verses on greatness of Virat Roop.

And only one entity has shown Virat Roop - Krishna.
Who is Vasudev ?

Vasu = the 5 elements who aid living beings to live (vaas) in universe.

When Vishnu is in Patal Lok, Sheshnag worships him in form of Vasudev.
Is Shiva an eternal God ?

After destruction of universe, Vishnu calmly lays in cosmic ocean, meditating on his own serenity.

At this time, his only one Shakti is active - Kaalshakti.
I suspect that Kaalshakti is nothing but representative of 'Mahakaal'.
Shiva is associated to origin of universe.
When Kaal Shakti pokes Vishnu, his attention gets directed towards his Linga (masculine)(ref-ShivLing) and its Rajas (creative) powers.

Using these, Vishnu decides gives off Lotus from his placenta (i.e. Feminine) & illuminate ocean
Vedas Vs. Vishnu's grandiosity -

On top of this Lotus, Brahma was born.

Brahma was miniature Brahm. He had all knowledge of Vedas. He looked around and found himself alone. He looked so desperately that he grew 4 faces- one for each direction.

Brahma decided to enter lotus.
Brahma reached Vishnu's navel, but he did not understand anything - Vishnu's entity was too vast to be understood.

Brahma meditated on his existence for 100 divine years and that's when he found himself able to see Vishnu.

As Rumi has said "What you are seeking is seeking you."
As soon as Brahma got enlightened, he realized that this was what world knows as 'Maya'.

Hence Brahma became the first devotee of Vishnu's pure form.
What next ?

Brahma realized that since this Maya was so strong, it would be very difficult to attain Moksha for humans.

He took blessings of Vishnu to allow him to shower knowledge of Vedas on upcoming universe.

(Note the supremacy of Vishnu over Vedas here)
Brahma's dilemma -

Brahma got scared about his fate in such a vast world full of Maya.

"What if I end up forgetting my creator Vishnu in the process ?"

"What if I fail to create universe?"

"Creating Universe is Raajsik act. What if I lose my Sattva in the process?"

"Like you couldn't find me in lotus but found me within your self; remember, I am always with you."

"Whatever help you WILL require to create universe has already been arranged."

"You will dedicate everything you do to me & hence remain Satvik" https://twitter.com/PsycheLeopard/status/1344691351108030464?s=19
Quick notes -

Answer no. 2 is a hint towards time travel.
Guys, whenever you feel hopeless in life, remember that Vishnu has arranged everything that you would need already :-)

Ans. 3 indicates that Brahma is the FIRST BHAKTI YOGI of universe.
Many believe that Chaitanya was the first Bhakti Yogi of universe and Bhakti Yoga is a recent phenomenon.

The truth is that whole nature is indulged in Vishnu Bhakti since eternity. ❤️

To quote my friend @Jattizm19, "What if all galaxies were nothing but Aarti thaals of God?"
First test of Brahma's Bhakti -

Vishnu travelled to past, to Rudra's time and collected destructive waves (Vaayu) and sent them to present Brahma.

Brahma's seat (lotus flower) trembled badly and everything got scary.

But Brahma continued to meditate on Vishnu in his self :)
Second test of Brahma's Bhakti -

Brahma, being equipped by Vedic knowledge, could have created universe by any means.

Yet he figured "This Lotus has been given by God himself to me. I will do it's three parts (bhur bhuvah swaha) and use them for creation ❤️"
If you think deep enough, social media is Maya within Maya.

Here you believe that what you are doing is based on your own choices.

Truth is that you are a helpless puppet to algorithms purposefully making you do things that you think you are doing by your own free will..
"What is Kaal" Vidur asked.

Maitrey "Change of subjects is Kaal."

The above statement 👆👆👆 can be found in 3:10

How much immense pleasure this statement has given me is beyond words.

It's like SRK of Veer Zara coming out of jail to discover that Zara still loved him...
Actually recently i described Shiva in terms of space and time.

Some people objected saying that classical physics doesn't validate me..

Some said it didn't work in Quantum physics either.

I told them that in Hinduism we talk about QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS - the only true science
Many people believe that Bhagwat Puran itself is a fake scripture.

I have my own way to figure out things.

If a text talks about Quantum consciousness instead of Classical Physics, it's a strong indicator of ancient Hindu wisdom and hence authenticity.
Maitreya describes 10 Srishtis.

9th Srishti is Dhaara - our world.

"Human beings are Raajsik by nature and they mistakenly seek pleasure in chasing material things that actually make them sad.."

Radha is opposite of Dhaara.

If something leads you to happiness it's Radha
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