Hi, so I compiled a few notes.

To be honest, your nihilism is justified, why wouldn’t one be utterly pessimistic with the loss of blind optimism? But!! In this great darkness, stars still shine, and to me You’re one of them. So if you feel sad I hope this thread encourages you
A madman’s courage.
Life is absurd.
The magic in my view.
The beauty of mundane existence.
Don’t wait.
Sometimes the problem is the people that surround you, they tempt your rage and evoke resentment. It’s natural to be angry at idiots, 😅, notwithstanding the healthy reaction is kindness and empathy guarded with reasonable caution, at least for your own sake.
Thank you for reading, I hope you found some light, I hope this rekindled fire in soul, I hope this made you smile❤️
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