This year has been something of a journey for me. I was extremely fortunate to buy 2 Model 3s this year a 2020 and a 2021 variant.
Made a whole bunch of YouTube videos. Reached a personal milestone of 6420 (420😄) subscribers.
Made a whole bunch of videos. And some sweet colabs
I want to thank a lot of people. First @elonmusk for taking the time to reply to many of my tweets. Release his baby’s photo in reply to my tweet is super kind.

Elon, from the heart ❤️ - I have NEVER seen anyone like u. Stay blessed mate.
Massive thank u to my mates in arms : truely Aussie mate ship here. During peak pandemic here when I was in immense stress the laughs and the talks in @PhantomLaneFour was such a godsend. Can’t thank u all enough mates @_TeslaTom @DrSallyL @sydney_ev @TeslaStraya 😭🙏🏾😭
@DavidCaoEV @kkvr2823 @TeslaChillMode for making the effort to send me these fabulous gifts. So much kindness!!! They say “do u know why the world 🌎 continues to function well despite the craziness, look around u and see the kindness”
Crazy #sushimafia OMG I can’t tag u all. That would be like 300 tweets long lol but it’s all in the sushi 🍣 @MFrunker @CodingMark Tag and Tweet all of the usual suspects please 🙏🏾
@kkvr2823 for letting me share his thunder on @byteofwhy
Amazing chats. Fabulous guests. Loads of fun.
A massive thank u to many YouTube and Twitter @Tesla legends who encourage selflessly what I do Down Under. That’s why I quite proudly say Tesla Fam !!! @tesla_raj @JohnnaCrider1 @Kristennetten @TeslaJoy @i1Tesla @Model3Owners @seanmmitchell @CodingMark @teslaownersSV
Shout out to @teslaownersau for the support across the Aussie Tesla community these @Tesla convoy drives are some of the best !!! #covidsafe
To all those who follow me and interact with me - can’t say how happy that makes me feel.

U guys are all AMAZING !!!!!!

Stay Safe
Have a good New Year’s Eve celebration 🍾 as Covid safe as possible

2021 I hope will be a much better year than what we leave behind today !!!
A massive massive thank you to @TooOld4_This for taking the time to film a lot of videos. And patiently helping me in putting together many videos including the Audi eTron review. Massive thank u mate !!! U are super kind !!!
I missed the action from my Northern Territory mate @outbacktesla I hope he will be back work a bang with some of the most unique tesla experience in Australia 🇦🇺!!!
Thanks @eveecars for helping me hire out my Tesla to the broader Aussie public. This past six months have been good, pandemic not withstanding!!
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