I've been working at @podcastnotes for almost 2 years.

During that time, I've taken notes on 400+ podcasts.

Here are my top 10 favorite podcasts of all-time.

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10/ Naval Ravikant ( @naval) on The Knowledge Project ( @ShaneAParrish)

Taking notes on this podcast landed me the job at PN and introduced me to the vast wisdom of Naval.

I loved learning about Naval's reading system, his advice on happiness, how he views habits, and much more.
9/ Josh Wolfe ( @wolfejosh) on Invest Like The Best ( @patrick_oshag)

Josh is a brilliant investor with an arsenal of fascinating mental models.

A few of my favorites:

• Don't be boring (2x)
• 100-0-100 investing strategy
• Chips on shoulders put chips in pockets
8/ Mike Tyson ( @MikeTyson) on JRE ( @joerogan)

Mike is a savage but he's also incredibly wise.

Growing up, he studied all the great conquerors from Genghis Khan to Charlemagne. What did he learn from that? The hardest thing to conquer is yourself. A must-watch podcast for sure.
7/ Bret Weinstein ( @BretWeinstein) on The Portal ( @EricRWeinstein)

Bret discovered that tests on lab mice were flawed because of selected breeding and that basically all drug testing should be redone.

He should've won a Nobel Prize for that discovery but he got robbed.
6/ Tim O'Neil ( @chaosmansonbook) on JRE ( @joerogan)

Remember all those rumors about the CIA & FBI doing illegal experiments on people and trying to brainwash them?

Yeah so that's basically true and there's legitimate evidence to back it up. Guess some conspiracies are correct.
5/ Jonny Kim ( @JonnyKimUSA) on Jocko Podcast ( @jockowillink)

Jonny Kim is a modern-day renaissance man.

He served as a Navy SEAL with Jocko, went to Harvard Medical School, and now he's a NASA astronaut. He's a reminder that human potential know's no bounds. Get after it guys.
4/ David Goggins ( @davidgoggins) on JRE

Goggins is truly one of the hardest men on the planet. A former Navy SEAL turned ultra-endurance athlete. If you want to get in shape or become mentally tougher, study him.

More of us should strive to be uncommon amongst uncommon people.
3/ Jocko Willink ( @jockowillink) on JRE

There's so much to learn from Jocko, I don't know where to begin.

From Exterme Ownership, to GOOD, to the truth about war being the best & worst experience, why you should stay humble, and more.

He's been a huge role model in my life.
2/ Elon Musk ( @elonmusk) on JRE

The podcast that broke the internet.

We got to peek inside the mind of a genius, get updates on all the incredible companies he's working on, hear the pros and cons of being Elon, watch him smoke a blunt, and learn that love is the answer.
1/ JBP ( @jordanbpeterson) on Jocko Podcast

What more could you ask for than two of your favorite authors talking for 3.5 hours?

This podcast gets dark & deep, but they also share many of the reasons why life is worth living. My life changed forever after watching it.
What's your favorite podcast of all-time?

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