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Bankkm's Bangla rhetoric and poetry VANDE MATARAM depicted in Anandmath, does not explain the real story of the Indian revolt against the East India Company.
2)Marxist historian gave over emphasis on Hindu Muslim unity during the Sanyasi Fakir Revolt , probably to contradict nature of revolt as a Hindu nationalist voice às described by Bankimchandra.
3)Therefore , contrary to Bankim' s literary characters like Bhavani Pathak and Devi Chaudurani Moosa and Majnu Shah are presumably the greatest heros of the Fakir Sanyasi Revolt.
4)However, East India Company records explicitly elucidates that the Brahmin Prince of Hushepur ( king of Saranya) Fatah Bahadur Sahi is the biggest threat , undoubtedly more dangerous even than the Maratha Peshva ( Kshitipavana Brahmins) #Rebel
5)It's a matter of great surprise that Fatah Sahi led the REBELLION called Sanyashi revolt for almost 23 years showing unprecedented vigor and impeccable bravery ,an unparalleled saga of patriotic spirit ;
6)the Indian history could not witness till 15 August 1947 has not got a prolific description in our text books and in general the socalled eminent histotians never thought to depict it.
7)Already 250 years have passed when the first organised revolt occurred in 1767 when Fatàh Sahi with the help of 5000 regular cavalry men and a small but effective artillery attacked the Compàny Forces that was being led by the best troops of Bengal Army .
8)He dashed at Jadopur in night only with 25 swordsmen and killed the Compàny's agents including MEER JAMAL .He dared to attact and inflicted crushing defeat to Bttish Forces at Braka Bazar and Line Bazar.
9)Lt. Erksine and Lt. Hardinge were horrified by him( Calcutta Review 1883 p 80ff). In fact, at the Battle of Buxar in 1765 the kings of Bettia , Kashi and Hushepur had decided for the revolt . Their troops crossed Ganga ànd stayed at Baliya .
9)Maharaja of Kashi Dvijraj Balwant Singh made the plan and Fatah Sahi was declared the Cheif Commander of the anti British revolt . The King of was highly diplomatic in dealing with the Company.
10)His apparent lyoality was a political game. #Pandit_Yugal_kishore_Singh of Bettia retreated to JUNGLE OF MAJHAVAN THTHVAN in Mirjapur.
11)He had taken the responsibility to consult #Pandit_Madho_Singh ( Srotriya Brahman king of Mithila) and ensured to facilitate the flow of DASNÀMIES, NAGAS AND NATHPÀNTHIES from Gorakhpur and Devariya to Bengal via Nepal. The Raja of Kashi Balvant Singh( originally Mishra) died.
11)His son Chet Singh was coronàted on the throne of Kashi despite obvious displeasure of Brahmins. Fatah Sahi maintained cordial relations with him.
12)Chet Singh offered him financial support and managed the active support of King of TEKARI MAKSUDPUR Pandit Pitambar Singh and Prince of Dumràon Pahalwan Singh. Zamidar of Sirish kutumba also joined the revolt .
13)Fatah Sahi abandoned his new capital TAMKUHIRAJ in Gorakhpur Divison and became a Sanyasi. Bettia Raja attacked British forces thrice. Fatah Sahi managed support of Nagas and NATHPÀNTHIES of Gorakhpur. Begums of Awadh and Chait Singh allied with him.
14)AKHARAS of Prayag , Kashi and Gaya also supported Fatah Sahi. Balak Giri of Bodh Gaya , Himmat Girl of Bundelkhand played pivotal role. Chet Singh passed farman for fresh recruitment in Awadh region and gave money for payment.
15)Warren Hastings rushed to Kashi . Bundelkhand to Bengal , people of all castes and creed supported the mercenaries of Sanyashies . Belligerent Fatah Sahi created a great tumultuous wave between Gorakhpur to Newzalpaiuri with war cry of Har Har Bhavani.
16)In 1781 #Chet_Singh revolted in Kashi with #Pandit_Balktishan_Hajari, #BabuNanhkuSingh and #Babu_Maniyar_Singh.

Warren Hastings escaped as a #traitor_Aushan_Singh helped him. Bloodshed battle broke out without a plan to kill Hastings and a march to Kolkata.
17)In haste Chait Singh escaped to Datiya and desperàte hero Fatàh Sahi became isolated as Pitambar Singh and Yugal kishore Singh surrendered due to treacherous acts of their relatives.Despite a precarious situation Pandit Fatah Sahi continued the guerrilla war till his dooms day
18)His impeccàble bravery is enumerated by Anand Yàng, Aksayvar Dixit , Anand Bhattàharya , Jaimini Mohan Ghosh Kuldeep Narayàn Jhadap , Jagdish Narayàn Sinha , Manager Pandey , Shailendra Kumar Shtivastva , Bholanath Singh and many other historians and folklorists.
19) The slogan of VANDE MATARAM appears as a sanskritized version of
Vanadaun Mata Bhavani the WAR CRY OF FATAHSAHI.
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