I'm going to tell you why allowing @JeffBezos and @elonmusk @BillGates to horde wealth in an unparalleled time abundance is morally wrong. Whether, and to what degree, that moral failure trickles down to other tiers of wealth is an open question. I suspect it does.1/7
2/7 The only real thing of value is realized human potential. That is, the expression of the human condition through creation: #tech, #art, #family, #philosophy, #knowledge, #bitcoin , #bananasplits, #music, #kissingyourdogonthelips, etc...
3/7 Accumulation of wealth is not a measure of realized human potential.

It is just the accumulation of money, a tool that we have created to track the exchange of resources that allow people to do amazing things.
4/7 Accumulation of wealth is a measure of unrealized human potential.
5/7 Accumulated wealth is the expression of the belief that a wealth-holder’s actions can have disproportionally more value than another person.

@jeffbezos must believe that the work he is doing is 2.5 million times more valuable than the average US citizen. ($219B / $76k).
6/7 Collecting space rocks or building colonies on dead ones is a fine expression of human potential.

It isn’t 2.4 million times better than say, raising a family.

I know a dozen people in #Pittsburgh alone that express human potential better than @jeffbezoz and @elonmusks.
7/7 Good democracies give more people access to wealth so that they can best expressed human potential.

How many #entrepreneurs, #artists, #moms, #philosophers, #teachers, and #thinkers are we limiting because we allow 100 fellow citizens to sit on most of the world’s #wealth?
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