As 2020 draws to a close, I'd like to take a moment to look back at an unprecedented year & stories I'm particularly proud of. I feel really privileged to cover my passion topics of #food & #climatechange which I'm convinced are going to be even more critical in 2021 (THREAD)
6. Long queues at food banks around the world. #coronavirus laid bare challenges to ending global #hunger. Tackling this = people must gain control over food supply chain, new U.N. special rapporteur on right to food @MichaelFakhri told me in late May (6)
7. Food systems account for about ⅕ of global #emissions but a massive imbalance between rich & poor nations in access to nutritious diets. Better food for world's poor might mean some countries have to increase emissions, said a July U.N. report (7)
9. In September, I looked at how sales of #plantbased meats soared during #pandemic & reasons behind it, visited an Icelandic greenhouse, spoke to consumers& folks at @GoodFoodInst, and asked, will #COVID-19 change our relationship with #meat? (9)
10. Not all impacts from #COVID-19 lockdowns were negative. One silver lining? Less food waste in rich countries as consumers become much more conscious of what they bin & campaigners like @refed & @WRAP_UK hope the practices would stick #foodwaste (10)
15. Last, but definitely not least, is a piece v. different to how/what I write in my day job. This is an intensely personal essay for @kitetalesMM on how #cooking & #food helped me cope with homesickness during #covid19 #lockdown & much of 2020 (15)
While selecting stories for this list, I discovered I wrote nearly 100 pieces this past year, incl. on other topics, despite being stuck in an apt. in Rome. I’m aware how fortunate I am to be able to do that & collaborate w. fab colleagues in different countries & continents (16)
Special thanks to @lauriegoering & @meganrowling for superb guidance & editing. I’m committed to continue covering the 2 most critical issues of our time – #climatechange & #foodsecurity. Thanks so much for reading my stories & this thread. Here’s to a better 2021! (ENDS) #hunger
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