Of the 15,378 people who have died in Canada from COVID-19, I've linked 11,693 to 1167 residential facilities. That is +117 more at +11 facilities than last night.

No data from BC, AB or SK so this is a low count.
I've been plagued by this question: ok but what can be done all day. Here is a short list.

Jagmeet Singh could maybe show up to one of these homes.

Family members need to protest on the doorstep of Doug Ford. Every day and every night. Actually scare him.
Folks with their hands on the vaccines -- they should run through their doses as fast as they can and then move to the next locations and demand more. And do this publicly, with media in tow, so we can see and hold politicians to account.
Every single bag of refuse who holds government office and who left Canada in the past two weeks should be forced out of office. And every single opposition party should do everything to demand this.
Every single family with a loved one in one of these residences should be harassing the owners, shareholders and board members of these facilities. Relentlessly harassing them. Actually, they're tired. Every Ontarian who is angry about this should be.
And for christ sakes -- NDPs across canada -- stop being timid and pathetic. Do something radical. Break the law. Pull the fire alarm. Do something that is outside of the bounds of parliamentary decorum. Say fuck on CP24. Tell Ontarians that Doug Ford wants people to die.
And if you aren't allowed to do these things, do them anyway. Get kicked out of caucus. You wont be, so don't let anyone make you think you will be.
Do motherfucking something because the excuses are getting so thing and so old and so pathetic that you are self-immolating. Two entire generations are watching, wondering aloud -- why the fuck do you exist?
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