Fun fact: Last year, someone in that same mall recognized me from social media and approached me. While I was crying. In Nordstrom.

All this and more in this new #OSINT exercise featuring my favorite leggings!
Thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge, including, but not limited to:


None of this would be possible if you guys didn't get involved in the (somewhat creepy) fun.
HUGE thanks to @cmclymer and @ALT_uscis for helping promote this newsletter, and getting the word out that I do this work, which I consider both exciting and extremely important.
People are terribly self-important when it comes to #OSINT. They're like, "Oh, a post about some leggings. FASCINATING."

Truth is, your leggings can give away information about you too. Everyone should know this. Everyone's entitled to have a good grip on their digital footprint
This is why I love this work even more than I love fashion.

And this is why I want to change the face of open source research — have it be just a little more approachable and inclusive.

You guys are helping me do this work, and I'm extremely grateful.
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