I don’t think it’s advisable to ship a container if you have only 4 or 5 regular cars. The disadvantages currently outweigh the advantages. Unless you have a bunch of parts and other things in the container, it makes no sense to ship your car using container...
One or the major benefit of container shipping used to be the safety of your goods inside but throughout this year, I can tell you that none of my 2010 (RoRo shipment) or newer cars was vandalized or had parts stolen from them while on board and till delivered to client
While the older cars came out with scratches due to poor handling at the port as Nigeria generally has no regard to not so wealthy people so they treat these cars with their “anyhowness”.

But aside these scratches, no parts were stolen from the car.
However, if you check the cost of shipping container, over 1M spent on trucking it out of the port in Lagos and the long wait (weeks or months) at the port before the berthing of these vessels, you’ll realize that it’s wayyy better to ship RoRo and spend 50k to respray your car
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