12/26/2020 - Trump Deleted Tweet comms

3 Deleted tweets on the 26th with several changes.

wan to -> want to
get our -> get out -> get our
+ measly

"I simply wan to get our" -> "I simply want to get out"

Let's begin the decode.
Sequence is always the key to understanding comms like this.

Tweet directly before first delete has Trump/Melania wearing matching tuxes on 3rd step of WH grand stairs with Truman (CIA created) above them.
6 words: "That’s OUR President & First Lady"🙌
Pic taken Dec. 10th just before Electoral College made Biden results official.

Halfway down WH stairs = appearance of being on way out.

Outlets promoted pic as that.

12/19/2020 Donald and Melania Trump Share Final WH Christmas Portrait Before Leaving https://people.com/politics/donald-melania-trump-share-final-christmas-portrait/
So a comm of it "not being real" - and indeed, it's not real.

The comm is it will LOOK like they are on their way out, but it isn't true

Original tweet https://twitter.com/FLOTUS/status/1340027918618157057
Matching Tuxes = MSM media matching coverage w right wing media(Fox/NYPost).

Both promoting loss
The tweet is "Students For Trump" - and the one before it is about investigative journalism.

As in patriots to investigate the election theft.

Non MSM patriot sites have been doing that.
150+ posts in this thread alone proving fraud in different was
The next tweet is the first delete of the sequence
Trump promoting "Biggs" going to the "Stop the steal rally" on Jan 6th.

So this was 12/26/2020 - and the next day we got....
Tweet directly after Stop The Steal rally delete is about the Senate.

Note the article the next day juxtaposes the Trump's Stop The Steal Rally with the senate runoff races the day after asserting Trump is horrible.

It also calls Flynn a traitor, and Sidney Powell insane.
It's comms about media not picking up Election fraud and left and right media pushing disinfo hard.

All part of the plan.

A plan to wake people and stop reliance on left/right wing media to think for them.

12/27/2020 Army: Fire Phobia Training https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1185012593573761024
You see election fraud everywhere - so obvious that no reasonable person anywhere could doubt it.

Yet left/right media ignores it all, just repeats "nothing there"

NYPost asserts with a straight face "no fraud" https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1329214995469533185 really?
That's the same NYPost which just 3 months ago was banned for exposing Hunter Biden.

Did they just suddenly turn clown?
No, but let's continue with the Trump deletes to understand it better.
The next delete highlights a non-journalistic headline from a former real news outlet.

I.e. NYPost's headline the next day. Such a departure. https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1320641239583055873 and many other outlets, but that's the one that ran he big backstab.
The one after that is a simple tweet with this error.

Trump: "I simply want to get out" = Wanting to get get Trump out.

Transparent motive.

However also notice the addition of "Measly" -which can mean "small" but also infected.
Flipped comms
Arm = media push.

So it's comms of media further turning on Trump post activation.
https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1250807882607497217 however, obviously, this is all temporary.

NYPost said "Time to end this dark charade" Because at some point it must end.
Penguin is an agent comm. (check thread)
https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1337985708968071171 So right now they've been prepping assets, and yet rather than having those agents immediately go pro-Trump - they do the opposite.

Allowing the pool of assets to continue growing without pushback.
The tweets in-between those two deletes are about Justice Dept doing nothing, and republicans also doing nothing.

The first tweet after is asking "where's Durham"

Where is he indeed ;) https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1342537437491261440 And then Trump asks where's the Supreme Court.
Trump flipped the courts that oversee election fraud. (covered in thread)
https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1342563817859866624 the Supreme Court challenge failed because they didn't actually present evidence only asserted it was "unfair" i.e. a push designed to fail.
It's simple.

The longer + harder they push "nothing to see here" while ignoring mounting evidence = the stronger the impact on the nation when it gets overturned.

There wasn't just 1 or 2 fraud methods - there were HUNDREDS. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1342974373632876545
All ignored by big media
Trump won, and so both sides are putting on a movie.
That doesn't mean there aren't still bad actors mind you.
I've been picking up comms here and there trying to just run with the movie as it stands.
https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1343023282707054593 However at the very least there's been an agreement with the essential players/countries that needed to be involved
There is a reason Biden had endless gaffes https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1320294283199479810 with no rally's - it wasn't because he was lazy and stupid.
The point was to make sure his real vote was as small as possible and have the fraud as large as possible.
I'd say they succeeded.
NYPost just asked for "dark charade" to end, now consider the 3rd most recent Q post.

11/12/2020 Q 4951
Shall we play a game?
[N]othing [C]an [S]top [W]hat [I]s [C]oming
Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light.

End of dark walk = play game?
Two people deeply involved in the fraud exposure op are Kanye West and Elon Musk.

I go over both of them extensively in threads, and it just so happens that both of them had comms about playing multiplayer games this week. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1343320495127633920
Switching votes from a third party to Biden, it's why they were certain HRC would win because Green party would go to her.

Q 14
Was the election suppose to be rigged?
Did good people prevent the rigging?
Kanye stopped tweeting the day after the election, and the last tweets were of him in a blue suit posting videos of him voting.

First video is short and of just the vote
Then a 15 second video showing the whole thing.
https://twitter.com/kanyewest/status/1323727338387902465 Other pictures he posted just before election were of a blue muscleman suit

Kanye pumping up Blue votes?
Crucially after big blue muscle suits we get his Halloween tweet. The Nutty Professor with chemical + Skiing emoji (not stopping)

A movie where an obese man becomes thin instantly.
Symbolism comms of Kanye Vote infusion to Biden temporary?
That Skiing = not stopping comm btw - a running theme on his feed.
https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1308534311235190784 shoes = boots on the ground. Ring = control.
And not that long after that https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1322746307916652546 Musk Ring comms.

Less than a week before the election - prepped to launch!
Note Kanye tweets in-between the blue muscleman comms have "Dear Future I believe in you" - and the NYT paper headlines.

NYT is often considered the one that sets the narrative each day.

Comms of MSM covering election fraud in the future? https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1334212544001609738
MSM has yet to cover Election Fraud, and Kanye hasn't tweeted since election, but we did just get this.

12/25/2020 Kanye West releases surprise Christmas EP Emmanuel ... a year after dropping album Jesus Is Born

Same bird as on his Blue man tweets.
Kanye Sequence with video. his "favs" -Da Vinci - "The complete painting" and "A retrospective" https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1333031611189915650 art = narrative painted to come?
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