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@iskcon single handedly doing lot of seva to the world which is very difficult to repay:

Few contributions to mention:
1. Spreading authentic knowledge of Gita and Bhagvatam
2. Building temples to educate
3. Vedic way of dressing
4. Revival of vedic music and bhajans
5. Translation of scriptures in all languages with simple translation
6. Reviving farm communities
7. Establishing authentic gurukuls
8. Protecting and caring cows
9. Distributing rich and healthy Prasadam
10. Educating and reviving festivals
11. Creating auspiciousness in world through Harinaam sankirtan
12. Teaching true parenting for character building and excellence
13. Guiding youths and corporates through proper counselling
14. Spreading sanatan dharma across the globe
15. Revival of vedic way of marriages
16. Preaching and connecting 4 bonafide sampradayas
17. Revival of healthy cooking and it's importance
18. Teaching vedic habits and etiquettes
19. Teaching farming
20. Teaching art of mastering the mind
21. Helped many to give up bad habits
22. Curing depression, anxiety, suffering and inferiority complex
23. Created jobs for many
24. Spreading happiness, love, peace, prosperity and unity around the globe
25. Creating leaders with character and competence
26. Teaching harmony in relationships and family
27. Reviving authentic temple worship and standards
28. Teaching how to live and leave !
Missed many contributions to quote here as list is endless .....

This could only be possible by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada with the blessings of Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas
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