Alright, y'all.

1 Like = 1 NPC for you to use in your world
1) Scroggins. He's a half-elf caravan driver, who isn't taking to the solitary life well. The party finds some broken boxes on a steep cliff off the road, which include one stone of farspeech; he has the other.

He talks to the party, like a CB radio. Strong southern accent.
2) The Merchant.

The Merchant is too tall, with too long arms & legs, and is always wearing tight clothes that cover any skin that might be showing. The Merchant speaks in a high, reedy voice, and always has odds and ends for sale.

The Merchant wants locks of the party's hair.
3) Clovis Melbourne Saint Claire

Clovis is the patriarch of a riverboat family of halflings; he speaks in an unintelligible mutter/drawl, and one of his family members usually translates.

They hunt River Trolls, and try to keep them alive to carve off chunks as renewable meat.
4) Oriana Jones

The madame of a brothel, who is pretending to be a Vampire, in order to add mystique and spice to her business, and to scare off the kinds of people who'd like to take her business over.
5) Renthriss

An actual vampire, but none too smart, who has bought Oriana's shtick and believes he is serving "the dark will of the mistress."

He works as her bartender, and bouncer. Anyone who steps over the line with her girls gets fed to him.

Think dangerous himbo.
6) Cragga Dirtpalms

A goliath apothecary, who runs a small shop selling tinctures and herbs that he grows in hanging baskets.

The shop is about the size of a walk-in closet, and is a precariously built addition hanging off the second floor of a building.

He barely fits.
7) Rotuldus The Brown

A hedge wizard - his legal middle name is "The," it's a family tradition, his last name is Brown. His sister married out - her name is now Sharavas The Johansen.

Specializes in time-saving spells; most work like as-seen-on-tv items.
8) Peterbald The Clown

A travelling entertainer, who is through no fault of his own *incredibly sinister*. He really just wants to make kids laugh, bring joy to people, but everything about him screams "murder clown."

The party has to help him reform his image.
9) Red Jack Jansdaatter

The nominal leader of a gang of anarchists, though it's "only for tax purposes." Big into community support; is trying to organize everyone into an anarcho-syndicalist collective -

having a hard time convincing folks on the necessity of bylaws meetings.
10) Joe Plumbata

Joe is a handyman; he's employed by various sinister forces because he's good at his job and knows how to keep his fucking mouth shut.

What, you thought all those dungeon traps just reset on their own?

He's got a job to do - coming through, won't be a moment.
11) Friederich De La Tombe

A Gnome, formerly. Now a skeleton. Raised as part of a novice necromancer's "Dread Army," but he aneurized during the ritual. Free will now, decent sort - German accent.

Works for an alchemist collecting highly toxic ingredients from underdark fungi.
12) The Lady of Smoke and Ash

A dwarf lich, potential BBEG. She's written out her secret tomes, but doesn't have a head for cyphers, and can't make up a language to hide them.

She's decided the simplest security measure is to kill any speaker of Low March Dwarven in the world.
13) Cassilus Claine

An artificer who's invented what is effectively a magical camera; it etches scenes inside quartz sheets in high fidelity.

A terrible salesman, the only person who's seen the value in this invention is a local pornographer. The Church is /furious/.
14) The Red Duke

A warrior of infamy; the Butcher of Carax Pass.

Is, in fact, six Kobold acrobats in a suit of Plate Mail.

Is also absolutely devoted (as a collective) to the code of Chivalry, and is in all respects a competent Knight and fearsome foe.
15) Clementine of Dara

A rather haggard looking elf, hopped up on caffeine and worse, who comes across the party *literally anywhere*.

She's an Adjuster for an unnamed Bureaucracy - she's under magical Geas not to reveal any more. She's never lost, and is always taking notes.
16) Morrel

When the party defeats a berserker, its rapidly-rotting/budding corpse gets up again.

The fungus using the body as a frame is polite and apologetic, offers any carried treasure. The spore was what gave the Berserker power; now it has a body to see the world.
17) Snowbell

A cat, pure white and regal looking, who speaks in common and tells the party that she's secretly a princess, who has been trapped by a witch's curse and can only be freed by a series of herculean labors.

Is in fact just an awakened cat, who finds this hillarious.
18) Mudlark Jim

An orcish civil servant, who has taken it on himself to make the sewer system in the city more efficient,

And in so doing has found out that there is a Dark Civil Servant cabal doing their best to engineer the sewers into dungeons

19) Stalks-by-night

Another awakened cat - he and Snowbell have the same somewhat careless druid to thank. He has taken levels in druid as well, and hopes to awaken more cats, to found a new line of hyperintelligent predators.

He plots world domination.
(Snowbell is probably the only one who can stop him after his final plan goes into motion, and his wards keep anyone who isn't a cat from coming into the room)
Oh cool 72 likes sure that's manageable no problem.
20) Ixoitis Redpettal

A pixie, and a champion corgi jockey, who's had a rival poison their beloved Bonecrusher before the big race. Hires the party to go undercover in the Pixie Racing Circuit to find the poisoner.

Bonecrusher in fact just ate from a garbage can.
At least I'll die the way I lived.

Making Bad Decisions.
21) Callor Hopesbane

A gaunt, sinister man who hires the party to do seemingly innocuous things - digging a 6" deep hole in this exact spot in the woods; moving this sapling 2' to the left, whatever.

Is an oracle, who's using foresight to fuck with the future by small things.
22) Zaogus

A wizard who's using his simulacra in a dozen different cities as a one-person bank; is constantly aware through each copy, so seems a bit absentminded.

Will hire the party to move deposits securely between branches of himself, and offers good loan rates.
23) Commander Lovall

An explorer from GASA (pronounced "Nasa," the Gnomish Academy of the Scientific Arcane) whose ship has crashed in the woods; he's a continent away from home, and needs help sourcing parts to fix his craft (a canoe with wings).

Credit to one of my players.
24) Fiery Steve

An orcish cook who's secretly in love with his rival, Tedrick Three-Tusk. They both compete in the city for prime locations to set up their carts, and for who can make the spiciest food.

Each wants to crush the other, as a marriage proposal.

Help one win.
25) Lord Marshtucker of Boggeth

A goblin who has an encyclopedic knowledge of Ducal Law, and who has rightful claim to the Boggeth Swamps (achieved through intermediaries), who needs someone more respectable looking to pretend to be him at a noble event.

Very fond of rocks.
26) Oryth Gladhand

A traveler in time, who came back to save the future.

And succeeded. Ten years ago. He's just kind of here now.

He'll tell you the story, he's glad to. He owns a brewery now, and is experimenting to find the recipes of the beers he knew in his time.
27) Strength of Mountains In Each Hand

A bugbear, who's rather cross about farmers encroaching on his property - cutting his woods for grazing lands. He can't go and talk to them, though, because they've attacked him on sight.

He lives in a rather nicely furnished treehouse.
28) Sizi Eddison

A doppleganger, who works as a jail proxy - the theives guild will hire her to serve jail terms for their operatives, to keep them out and free.

It's a living - but this time, there were more charges than she realized, and she might wind up at the gallows.
29) Marshall Creed

A human in his late sixties, who has been tapped as a chosen one.

This fucking talking red panda won't leave him alone; he does the adventures mostly to shut the thing up. Still very competent, but very much /over/ this job.
30) James Orloff, 6th Viscount Shrobbeshire

A bookish young noble, whose father is obsessed with martial virtue. He hires the party to pretend to be bandits for him to defeat in public, to earn his inheritance.

Really an alright sort; reform-minded, once he takes his title.
31) Boris Boriskov

A travelling bard who puts on a puppet show - the party does something to cross him, and he in turn makes them characters in his show, always the butt of bad jokes.

Children *love* him.

Folks you meet in new towns think you must be cosplaying the puppets.
32) Actuaria Clarke

A captain in the Bay of Troth who's secretly adopted a mimic that has grown large enough to pose as a room on her ship.

She'll assign folks travelling alone to room 13, they'll disappear without a trace- until one washes up w/ amnesia on shore instead.
(The mimic was allergic to this particular passenger, on account of a truly noxious aftershave he wore)
33) Merovi Dartagun

The half-elf inventor of the sport of Elmball, who is sure he can make it into a popular sport if he can just get the rules out to the world.

He can't understand why he keeps running into problems; the rulebook is only four volumes, it's easy!
34) Sybil Axehew

A Shoebill Aaracokra natural philosopher, from the Order of the Fractured God.

They believe that the one true god has been broken into myriad pieces, and it is only by studying and cataloguing each living thing that it might once again be made whole.
35) Brother Tedbert

A halfling monk (as in tonsure and sackcloth robe, not chi and kicking) who has misunderstood his hazing; having been sent for a quart of "Elbow Grease," he's painstakingly researched which monsters have greasy elbows, and had been harvesting it from them.
36) Jessebelle MacCready

A farm girl who's dairy is, it turns out, built over the ruins of an ancient tower, and is in a land dispute with the order of wizards who have started using their teleportation portals there.

She home-alone traps the place, and sics barn cats on them.
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37) Aedolpus Sachs

An entrepreneur, who's set up on the road just outside a holy site that folks make pilgrimage to, who's doing his best to sell commemorative plates, mugs, silverware, hats, & shot glasses.

The church claims they want him gone; what they really want is a cut.
38) Brumhaulde Cherrute, Shieldmaiden of Horge

A dwarven paladin, from an order that takes a vow of chastity until defeated in single combat by a worthy partner.

She takes this vow very seriously, and she's also BEEN VERY READY TO BE DEFEATED FOR YEARS, and FRUSTRATED ABOUT IT.
39) Pearty Lader

Someone who's an almost exact doppleganger of the party leader, as though someone's done a pallet swap.

There's nothing sinister about it. It's just quite literally a massive coincidence.
40) Cachunk

A half-ogre ranger, who had a menagerie of songbirds before some Kobolds broke the cages open trying to eat them.

Is adventuring across the land with a butterfly net to get their birds back. Has crude crayon drawings; will ask the party to keep an eye out.
41) Burp-burp

The (somewhat) tame Troll mascot of the Red Flagon Meadery, who's been lured away by their rivals to throw them off their game before a festival competition.

You'll find him quite happily drinking the rival's ENTIRE STOCK. Get him home safely, for everyone's sake.
42) Septimus Darkshadowe Krayven

The newest member of an order of necromancers, who's not yet grown out of the EDGY TEEN SORCEROR phase. The older necromancers are walking him through what's ACTUALLY part of the job, which is mostly solving murders and putting down unquiet dead.
43) Sebastian the Night Man

A "resurrection man," who buys corpses off of the party to be used in dissections at the local college. Quite congenial; used to work as a Nightsoil (poop) merchant, but this job has better hours and less foul smells.

Wears flower garlands for that.
44) Maurice

A professional Henchman, Maurice keeps finding work - through legitimate job board postings, no less! - with people who wind up being dark wizards or tyrants-in-the-making.

Is just trying to make a paycheck; keeps showing up when the party storms the evil lair.
45) Kith Sussher

A catfolk trader, who's managed to produce a variety of coffee plant which grows in the local climate. She's fully aware of how valuable that is; she's got a private island, and she pays adventurers to try and break in, to shore up her security.
46) Orry

Secretly the most recent in a family of Were-hippos, Orry is trying to find restraints strong enough to contain them once they change.

No luck yet. Local farmers are up in arms about the damage they do to the riverside garden plots.
47) Maurello The Wise

Maurello has enchanted most of the tools in town as animated objects, to do work with and for the townsfolk. Unfortunately, he's made them just a bit too smart and they've decided to unionize.

Any standard tools brought in are called "scabs" and destroyed.
48) The Morgge Boys

A family of Firbolg, who are working to dig a canal system through the woods, largely by hand. They all answer to Zath, say there are subtle differences in their names which the party just can't hear.

They mostly refer to themselves in the third person.
49) Arviam Bluetooth

A werebear who's unlucky in love; he's trying to cultivate the perfect blueberry field to draw in the woman he loves. She wants proof he can provide.

Help him make the perfect garden animal crossing style, to win her heart as part of their courtship ritual.
50) Miss Mary Beth

A grandmotherly witch, who has been unfairly accused of using magic to enchant the pies she brings to the local bake sale; her accuser, the Cleric's wife, has in fact been dabbling in dark powers, and STILL can't sell pies faster.

Prove her innocence.
51) Kaoki The Daydreamer

A kobold who is head over heels in love with the dragon in the old Dwarven city, and who has built himself a surprisingly accurate clockwork dragon to try and woo him.

Collects books for the dragon's horde, as a dowry to give.
52) Ambassador Lejune

A coral collective consciousness, grown into a humanoid shape, to serve as an ambassador from the Coralfolk to the surface.

Has a manor with extensive saltwater fountains to keep from drying out; is infinitely interested in bipedal mortal existence.
53) Rumjerry Olegson

A human blacksmith, who lives in the house next door to his wife, an orcish woman named G'riz. Their houses are on the edge of town, because otherwise the noise of their fights would keep everyone up.

The noise of their making up is worse.

He's very happy.
54) Corr

A half-ogre child, adopted by the city watch and nearly as large as any of them. Strictly speaking he's their prisoner, but they collectively think of him as their kid - they put him in armor and bring him on patrol, trying to raise him right.
55) Englebert the Verdant

A wizard who, through an accident with a teleportation circle, has transmuted his head into a potted succulent.

He is still, somehow, working, though there's something odd about how he'll take cuttings and bud them in new pots around his tower.
56) Jillian Cordwainer

A street urchin who's taken up a profession; she's in tight with the pixies, and pays them in crayon drawings to knock on her customers' windows until they wake up.

She operates an alarm clock service in the city, and needs the party's stories to draw.
57) Dewey Pryche

A halfling researcher at the College of the Unknown, who has invented a cataloguing system for the library which would allow things to actually be found.

The college, not fond of change, is putting up resistance, but he's a persistent sonofabitch.
58) John Smith (Two-eyed Pinkie)

A human, raised by goblins, who puts on a fancy act, and operates as the Maître-D of a fine restaurant; the kitchen is full of his family, who are preparing standard goblin food as "haute cuisine," and making money hand over fist.
(Goblin food from my campaign, if you want inspiration)
59) Evoker Midge

A magical tutor who makes her students sign injury waivers before taking her class; promises that the survivors will be first-rate evokers.

Specializes in Fire. Lives in a VERY fireproofed stone longhouse in an old quarry.

Still somehow has all of her fingers.
60) Leasheinnen Cuprum

A gorgeous redhead, amazonian in stature, who is in love with the oblivious owner of a bookstore in town. She has no idea how to woo her, because she is actually a polymorphed Copper Dragon, and can't figure out mortal courtship.

Help these disaster gays.
61) Anabasis

A mousy, studious woman with ink-stained fingers, who is head over heels in love with the redhead who's a regular at her bookshop.

She can't figure out how to woo her, as she's actually a Kelpie, and can't figure out mortal courtship.

Help these disaster gays.
62) Ellione

An elven researcher, who specializes in mosses. The party finds them in a hollow under a giant boulder, with a roped-off section that they're watching grow.

They're on year 6 of a 10 year sabbatical, and they're pretty sure they've figured out the language of Moss.
63) Agathius of Chalsedinia

A tiefling brawler, nearly 7' tall (8' with the ram's horns) and built of ropy muscle. He's a professional Heel with a travelling circus; he gets defeated by the hero in the ring each night as "Zkorax the Defiler," to the cheers of the crowd.
64) Marcus De La Croix

A powerful warlock, chosen by an archfiend in a moment of need - standing in the doorway of his home, protecting his family from a werewolf.

He's done exactly nothing with his power since, to the Fiend's consternation. He's happy just being a dad.
65) Lady Shoshana (Peanut)

A wood elf rogue, who's faked-it-til-she's-maked-it as a high elf mage at an exclusive wizarding school.

She's dealt with the folks who've found her out by simple (unexpected) expedient of throwing them out of windows.
66) Slabbe

A dwarven ranger, who is not proficient in heavy armor, but is so tired of fuckers running up and shanking her in a fight that she wears it anyway.

She is *not* a good archer. But she'll bludgeon you to death with her bow, if you get within whackin' range.
She'll stick two or three arrows in your corpse for good measure once she does, to keep up appearances.
67) Darin Lightwed

A man who won the heart of an Empyrian, and who (after consummations) has their offspring growing in the back of his mind. He's doing his best to raise the godling spirit right.

He's a celestial warlock, and strictly speaking pregnant with his patron.
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I'll see y'all in ~6 hours, probably. For the remaining ~120, and whatever else gets banked by then.
Okay one freebie

68) Mayor Boris

An odd, talkative, randy buffoon, somehow beloved by enough townsfolk to win office.

You find out from a talking Labrador that the dog is in fact a wizard, he and his familiar switched bodies, and the dog is running roughshod on his good name.
69) Auntie Peony

A stealth matchmaker; she's hired by the parents of willful noble children to make sure that the rakishly good looking stranger they stumble across is in fact a person suitable for marriage, without either of the children realizing.

No magic. A lot of sneaking.
70) Doris Haebridge

An elven scribe who specializes in manufacturing papers proving that the person you want to marry is in fact the lost Prince so-and-so of such-and-such.

She's also taken to just drawing up papers constantly, and waiting a few centuries till they're needed.
71) Brandon Smythe

A clerk of court, Smythe would be a tyrant if he had the talent or charisma to rise any further than a county clerical position.

He is the petty despot of the Records office, and you cross him and his rubber stamps by your own peril.

He's fond of daisies.
72) Rashad, son of Umar

A storyteller, who is punctillious about the truth of the stories he tells. If need be, he seeks out immortal beings who were alive for the event, and interviews them.

He's charming, and he usually can talk his way in to and out of the interview.
73) Hornsby

A tall, spare, shifty-looking man.

The gardener at Duke Oxcian's estate, Hornsby is paid by the duke to pass false information to those people and groups who want a spy in the house.

Between that, and the money those folks pay him for the info, he lives quite well.
74) Cassianne the Younger

A meteorologist, and publisher of a weather almanac that is shockingly precise.

This is achieved both through tireless study, and by making offerings to sprites, pixies, and other local fae to ensure that the predicted weather goes off without a hitch.
75) Ngozu of Adula

A travelling dentist, who extolls the virtues of good dental hygiene - especially among adventuring sorts! Can be found set up with his cart at various well-travelled crossroads, pulling teeth, drilling/filling cavities, and selling his anesthetic tonic to-go.
76) Irryn Broadside

A retired naval captain, now the captain and only crew of the fishing trawler "Red Mary's Blade."

Spends most of his days acting as though he's still the commander of something w/ crew & cannons, giving orders, and imagining rival's ships under heavy fire.
77) Ixilrob Smirnasson

A ranger, who makes their living selling hunting lures - calls, whistles, and noisemakers that are shockingly accurate imitations of various beasts and monsters.

Might be encountered testing lures in the wilderness, chased up a tree by an amorous Owlbear.
78) The Mad Partridge

A fabulously camp hobgoblin, drummed out of the hobgoblin military for "obscenity" and "conduct unbecoming."

Shows up in a belled sleigh pulled by white reindeer, wearing luxurious furs & attended by his boyfriends, to train militias into lethal soldiers.
That one, by the way, is the actual gay polyamorous prussian who showed up at Valley Forge to train Washington's army, because history is wild, y'all.
79) Kujullo Kanishka

A short, broad, quiet man, as wide as a barn and with thick, calloused hands. Kujullo is a Mercenary Consultant, who sets up training programs and gives advice on forts and defenses for militias without much battle experience.
80) Siege-tower Martins

So named because his goliath ancestor gives this human mercenary nearly 8' in height (though he's in all respects a beanpole), Martins is as good as a bannerman on a battlefield for allies to rally around.

His mates think he's a good luck charm.
81) Hogan Scrivener

A tiefling adventurer, who is punctilious about a contract for any action taken out of anything but self interest. Those contracts very clearly define legal liability for the actions taken.

Will re-negotiate in the field, adding addenda at inflated cost.
82) Madeline Tallgrass

An Advocate Mortis, Madeline finds spirits with grievances against the living and brings cases on their behalf, working to calm the spirit by the application of justice.

A particular enemy of "lords" who achieved their lands by treachery and murder.
83) Garnet Snoweye

An advisor to the Thane, Garnet traded one of her eyes to the witches on the stormwrack coast for the ability to discern truth.

She cannot be lied to, and sometimes rather wishes she could - but her skills make her invaluable.
84) Basil of Rhoda

A chef on paid sabbatical to discover new recipes, Basil travels in a small howdah on the back of a massive and surly camel.

The interior of the howdah is lined with small hanging baskets growing herbs he's found, and he pays dearly for the party's knowledge.
85) Abbess Chorix

The Dwarven Librarian of the Schuylar Gates, who allows travel through the tunnels they maintain under the mountains only if you pay the toll:

They'll make copies of any texts you carry, even personal journals. May pass off the copy to you & keep the original.
86) Figoro Fjordhopper

A man apparently in his 80s, but spry and energetic. Found swimming naked across the nearly frozen channel every morning, apparently heedless of the monster that dwells in those waters.

He punched it in the nose once, now they have an understanding.
87) Gregory Ptorre

A tinker, with limited magical powers - uses a combination of mending and unseen servant (his is named Chauncey) to fix things up for folks.

Collects and mends rubbish to sell, from trash heaps and river mud - decent chance he has any mundane item you need.
88) Penelope the Mathemagician

A tutor, dressed in the full classic "wizard" garb, who teaches "arithmancy" to the "wizardlings" in each village.

Is fond of saying that there is no magic greater or more reliable than Chartered Accountancy.

Is legitimately a very good tutor.
89) Greckle the Jewel

A goblin master thief, who takes on the most audacious heists and vandalism possible.

His people believe there is no afterlife, and you survive as long as your name is spoken aloud, so he always signs his work.

(Credit @Spwncar's character in my campaign)
90) Glennick the Audacious

A fashionista of local renown; will surreptitiously dress as someone else in town, but with a subtle adjustment to the costume which is used to mock the target.

Tries this on a party member by adding a red cravat; is confused at their indifference.
91) Gnoem Barrbearean

Name notwithstanding, a half-orc scholar, who works as a paid proxy researcher in the University Library at Hillslotte - he runs down hard-to-find answers to settle arguments between lecturers.

Hosts what players will recognize as a Pub Quiz/Trivia Night.
92) Margaret of Willsford

A broad-shouldered and muscular Gnomish woman who is trying to recruit any particularly stout party members to the local Rugby team; Chorrbend down the river has been talking shit this season.
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93) Bryce Arduane, Duke of Goettem (The Night Sparrow)

A rich older nobleman who, in a Don Quixotesque break in reality, has decided that the best use of his time and wealth is to dress in a bird costume and fight 'evildoers' hand-to-hand.

His butler hires actors to humor him.
94) Orekk

A troll who's trying to lease a cave or disused mine, and is having absolutely no luck - he wants the protection of law that a lease provides, and doesn't want to be responsible for maintenance, but nobody is renting, and he can hardly walk into town to post a want ad.
95) Fellhand Lectorbane

An imp, and a Mad Linguist - because why should mad chemistry and engineering have all the fun? Works to subtly shift language over centuries so that common phrases become (in infernal) actual curses and summonings.

Is very good at their job.
96) The Michael

A musician - and teen heartthrob - who puts on shows in a circuit of major towns. The appeal of his music (spoken word poetry accompanied by harmonica and castanets) is incomprehensible to anyone over the age of 15, but he has a devoted following.
97) Oerin Malk

A gourmand, who creates artisanal Eggnog, and needs the eggs of rare beasts from the wild to create the right subtle blend of flavors.

She has no idea how this turned into a job, but as long as the nobles are paying for it as a status symbol, she's gonna milk it.
98) Cochrane

A warforged veteran, who in retirement from war has sought to find thrills in new ways. Builds and test-pilots flying contraptions, which tend to involve barely contained explosions.

Is currently attempting to cross the Knifecliff Channel by Rocket.
99) Barbastis

A familiar-for-hire, a ginger cat with an encyclopedic knowledge of how /not/ to do spells, and who has seen countless mages blown up, transmuted, or melted to soup.

Never gets listened to like he should.
100) Paulus Clanger

A former "tough guy" brawler, who - after making an unfortunate boast to a disguised Fae, and who now literally has had his family jewels replaced by brass balls.

It's downright musical when he walks. He's become a laughingstock, and needs the party's help.
101-132) A cheap shortcut, I know, but "someone in town who does each of these jobs except for the two (knocker-upper and resurrection man) I've already used"
Gonna feed and caffeinate myself, and then - should the madness hold - be back on my bullshit later.
133) Maizie St. John

An express courier with the Corbiton Trade Guild, who use painstaking maps of the overlay between planes to make deliveries at specific times and places that should be unreachable.

VERY highly paid, & dressed for literally any weather, lava to blizzard.
134) Vara Ot

A Svirfneblin tourist from the underdark, travelling everywhere aboveground by safety harness, pitons, and climbing rope.

Thinks it's so quaint the way none of us seem concerned about falling forever up into the endless void that sits hungry above us (the sky).
135) Olia Greasedpalms

A dwarven labor organizer trying to set up something like OSHA, but her pitch keeps getting mistaken for a protection racket.

"Awful long way down, there. No guardrails. Would be a shame if someone... fell."

"My but isn't this shop just so... flammable?"
136) Horatius Thiccthew


137) Lord Caliopon of the Autumn Court

these two:
138) Amarcus Brieffe

An Aasimar investigator from a town the party passed through, who is following up with them (and everyone else who was in town during a three day window, but they don't know that) to see if anyone has information RE: things the party was responsible for.
139) Sigrun

A frost giant maiden, who has accidentally acquired a cult - followers who are sure that her plain words and instructions are tests of their faith or riddles to be uncovered.

They keep bringing farm animals to her as sacrifice. She's got them all in a pen out back.
140) Volidimar Johankov

A farmer and monk who is sure that civilization is going to end, and has some pretty compelling evidence for it.

He's not trying to stop it, though - he's trying to create a seed vault, of all cultivated plants, in order to help rebuild afterwards.
141) Monty Three-card

A street busker and grifter with a shock of curly red hair, arms and legs a bit too long for his clothes, and a rapid Jersey accent.

He'll try to do any of the classic short cons on the party, but he can't get any of them quite right, to his frustration.
142) Aroha Chidischilde

A would-be matchmaker, Aroha knows someone that a member of the party would be PERFECT for.

Will show up at random points and improbable places over several weeks of adventuring, trying to make the pitch.

The other party, when/if met, isn't interested.
143-147) Five village kids, who've nicked minor adventuring gear and put together pretty solid utility belts.

They're pretty sure that the adults in the town are slowly being replaced by dopplegangers, and they're the only defense.

They happen to be right.
148) Ymric Gristlegummer

A Dwarven survivalist, who is pretty sure the world has already ended, and everyone but him is a demonic pretender.

(he is incorrect)

He has built a hazmat suit (like a tin man made of stone) and tunnels into people's basements for supplies.
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