I listened to your covid19 update last night & I would like to suggest that we stop saying “living with covid”.

Yes, the planet is a mess & will take many years to do, maybe about 10yrs or more.

We must aim for eradication of covid19. It’s not a cold virus. it’s SARS.
@WHO experimental data planet-wise shows that there are no “settings” in the population that allows stability and sustainability.

Either we are fighting like mad with testing, or sinking with overwhelmed health systems.
@WHO Vaccines will help to control COVID19 but we all know that without an end game to try to eradicated COVID19, it will continue to dominate, mutate, and cause huge costs (financial, environmental and health).
@WHO, as with climate change, let’s set the standard up front.

We need to eradicate SARS (nicknamed COVID19). It will be a long term effort (decades), but it should start now, and everyone needs to aspire to this end.
I am collecting a little gaggle of naysayers, talking about “lock downs” and “can’t”.

Take a look around. We “can’t” do this either.

You have a choice, say “can’t” and give up, or say “can’t” & use tools to overcome the difficulty, even if it will take a very long time.

Addendum... eradication means it has to be removed from animal reservoirs as well... human elimination is closer to what we need, and then staying away from wild animals!
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