we let Jeff Bezos patent "one click shopping" & somehow that translates into "he gets all the money now"

i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm having trouble taking any of this seriously anymore

there's just *so much fucking money* now theres genuinely no reason for most problems
it turns out the [checks notes] national stockpile of money divides out fairly evenly into 44 "no one needs to pay for anything" tickets a year while still leaving enough for [double checks notes] the fourth largest military in history.

per year
Simpler system, literally makes up for any deficits by just slashing administrative costs to zero (it checks out, feel free to do the math), but still provides for national security and need not even consider healthcare or social security, could go into effect with a single vote.
You wanna supercharge it? Make the social media companies share ad profits per-post. Boom. We're all rich. Money itself could be over as a thing with this one weird trick.
"but the landlords would get all the money"

*five minutes into this system*

"what's a landlord?"
*housing market might crash*

it's fine, turns out there's already many more houses than people. houses should be priced at like five dollars over cost + yearly taxes, because there's a surplus. that's capitalism, baby. hmu when there's a shortage we'll talk
hell, in a surplus, taking over the maintainence of a house (moving into it) should be a for-profit enterprise, strictly speaking, if we're doing Real Capitalism By The Numbers For Once, I mean, as it's supposed to exist on paper
Don't look at me like that. It's not *my* fault all the numbers go upside down when you invert the inputs during a surplus (as opposed to a shortage) environment. its just math. this is all just math and looking at the GDP and the actual cost of things as listed by the gov itself
we've overproduced. there's more stuff than people. in a market environment that means taking on the burden of stuff should be worth money i don't make the rules damnit
this is *literally* what a service economy *means* jfc
you can't *have* a service economy in the first place without a surplus. it was kind of a tell. we're already in post-scarcity. we have been since *at least* the 90's
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