Note to @VP Choose Wisely #WeSeeYou 👀
I wonder if those 🧵were✂️?
Askin For A Fren
OK I wasn't going to make it a thread.....BUT
A couple Q's for @VP @POTUS
Given what we now know 🦉says this??
👀 #WeSeeYou
Assange Tweets from 2017
CNN Interview?#2 calls 'Assange' Absurd and Offensive?
#2 Stop in Ecuador to Talk Trade, Venezuela Crisis🤔

One more thing where was ALL the bad Pres for #2 from the MSM? #WeSeeYou
Ask Yourself these Q's.... #WeSeeYou
Why would @VP support ouster of @GenFlynn
Would he NOT have the Intel to know better?
Yet, again Reconcile?
According to this #2 was briefed> PS and LISA Page texts

Also of Note> Steele Memo Coates says @VP recruited him for his job?

Reconcile? x2
👀 #WeSeeYou

We know P Ryan and @VP were tight 😉 #WeseeYou
@LLinWood even Twatted that #2 is looking too 2024?
Biden and #2 both got letters as well @41 funeral ....
Funny according to #WheresHunter Emails P Ryan was a 'Client'?
🤔I'll leave these here @VP @POTUS #WESeeYOu
So in 2015 @Vp This what had to say about [C]H[I]N[A]
How was your trip?
What changed??
Askin For A fren
Can Someone please explain this one?? @VP @POTUS
#WeseeYou 👀'The handoff'
Pence Hand off at Presidents Speech at the White House - 9/5/18 via @YouTube
17 Post #725 #WeSeeYou
Ask yourself why is the sister w/Pence?
A known C_A 🤡 asset
Also of Note> 🦉Did #MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople
push as Kim's replacement when they twice pushed stories of ☠️? Reconcile?
17 Posts #3330 #4414 and #4406 #WeseeYou
Flynn 302's
Pelosi or Pence?
#2 Wife Middle Name Batten?
👆👇Flashback>NP says👉 'One Way Or Another'
@SpeakerPelosi @Vp @POTUS
Now we Have Biden and @VP w Cindy NoName...
Wait were [they]ALL involved in Ukraine along w Ryan Running mate 'Mittens'?
But I am sure it's just coincidences, right?😉
I 'll End the Thread here as I could go on...
It was just a friendly reminder #WeSeeYou 😉 @VP
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