Since everyone is holed up watching films, here are some documentaries that I recommend.

Start with the O.G. Trump-Russia @ZEMBLA docs.

It’s never too late to wise up.
3/ @unfitmovie produced by @duty2warn boldly evidences Trump is a vengeful, sociopathic malignant narcissist sadist attempting an authoritarian takeover.
4/ @thegreathackdoc is the first film to sound the alarm on the damage being done to global democracies by mind warfare, who’s paying for it and why.
5/ @MatthewBevan podcast series is must-listening to zooming out and seeing the entire Trump-Russia cabal.
6/ @frontlinepbs brilliant documentary “Putin’s Way” sets the stage for America’s problems.
7/ You might throw up in your mouth a little, but to understand how the GOP is destroying America, you have to watch @dandoesdocs and @morganpehme critically important film, “Get Me Roger Stone”.
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