There is a wing in the GOP/Con movement that was willing to burn the GOP chance at the WH because Trump is on the ticket and who claim that Trump is a drag on the GOP — But they also want Trump to campaign in GA because he is a net help.

If you think the @SenateGOP is insufferable now for Trump voters, imagine a GOP Senate of 52-48 or worse 51-49. On every other big bill there will be a few GOPers to join Dems.

Dems will get their way times over and whatever goes wrong will be the GOP’s fault.

Why bother? 🤷🏼‍♂️
For example, @FrankLuntz and many editorial editors at the NY Post are in this wing.

If Trump is a net-problem for the GOP, then he should not be asked to help the candidates. If he has pull in the GOP (and thus the power to cause damage) then stop dismissing his voters.
Many in the @SenateGOP spent the last few weeks reminding The Base how the GOP behaves: Surrender; fold; rollover; accept media narratives and argue about deficits when Dems hand out money. Then those same clowns wonder why not enough GOP voters show up in key races.
Again, the non-Trump wing of the GOP was ready to burn the GOP chances at the WH just because Trump is not good for them and those same actors rolled over for Dems since the Nov election, yet those actors are already blaming Trump in case the GOP loses the #GARunoffs.
The bulk of the Senate GOP folds for Dems and/or there are almost always a few GOP breakaways like Romney, so what’s the gain for Trump Voters (former Tea Partiers) that the GOP runs the Senate the next two years? That Dems get their way with a GOP stamp on it. Nothing more.
Many in the GOP machine in GA (in office or in punditry) spent the last 2 months mocking the GOP Base (Trump voters) regarding Trump and election concerns. I am not sure why @EWErickson @benshapiro and the @SenateGOP are surprised that GOP voters are not interested in voting.
If it’s true what @EWErickson writes that Dems are showing up at or near Nov levels and the GOP dropped off, then maybe - wild idea but maybe - many in the @SenateGOP and Republicans in GA should have spent less time the last 2 months torpedoing a key wing of their own party.
“This is genuinely a matter of the GOP choosing to lose if they do.” - @EWErickson.

Yet, Erickson and Non-Trump Republicans will conclude that the issue in GA was that the GOP machine did not stab Trump voters deep enough the last two months and that the GOP was not RINO enough.
The diff between Dems having the Senate or the GOP at this stage is the size of the offices that each party leader gets. Many in the @SenateGOP behave like Dems and/or join Dems outright. If the GOP has the Senate it only makes it tougher for them in 2022 midterms.
A GOPer with half the accusations and radicalism as Warnock would have lost big due to endless bashing by media and by... self-righteous clown Republicans.

Then those clowns would blame their base for not backing Warnock or those clowns would be proud to have lost the seat.
Let me remind you that @BrianKempGA appointed @KLoeffler in favor/on behalf of @senatemajldr against and over Rep Collins who was supported by Trump.

Of course now that the abusive radical Warnock beat @SenatorLoeffler, the anti-Trump wing of the GOP blames... Trump.

AGAIN: Had the @SenateGOP remained in control at 52-48 or 51-49, there would be enough GOPs to break often from the party and give @SenateDems and Biden their way on key things.

What good (with 2022 in mind) does it do for the GOP when Dems get their way under a GOP majority?
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