Become consciously observant of your water and return to old ways or make the best out of your current situation

“Thus God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so”

Many religions understand the importance of water

Most perform ritual ablutions

Cleansing yourself, cleansing your spirit
Water was the center of life in ancient cultures

Greeks worshipped Neptune
Ganges River in India
Nile River in Egypt
Native Americans would dance
Majority of politics, economies, and beliefs surrounded water and the importance of it

There was a profound respect for it which grew from their absolute need

They worshipped it
Today we have a law of the sea, and a law of the land.

If you know anything about maritime law, this will make sense

But that’s a convo for another time
Fast forward to today and water seems to be in an abundance

We don’t know the struggle that our ancestors had to face everyday

Therefore we don’t respect it

There is a definitive trade-off

Water is plenty, but at what cost?
The sad fact is, most people do not believe or care
They cant believe that the government would allow that to happen
How many people bathe and drink straight from the tap?
If we understand how important water is, like we do with most things on this side, this will change lives
Being properly hydrated can prevent diseases caused by free radical damage

Inflammation (root problem of ALL diseases)
Digestive disorders
Skin problems
Respiratory issues
Inability to flush toxins
Weak cartilage
Sleep problems

Avoid Degeneration!
All cells must have enough voltage to work. Chronic DISease is associated with loss of voltage.
Since everything relies on these electrical signals, any breakdown in your body’s electrical system is a problem. Your body can heal itself under the right circumstance
Dr. Masaru Emoto has made tremendous discoveries with the molecular structure of water when introduced to certain frequencies.

We are electric and plasma beings that respond to the vibrations around us. DISease is the bodies response to DISharmony

Expressing love and gratitude promotes a healthy water structure

Copper has been proven to help in many systems within the body (old Egypt and Vedic practice)

Avoid BPA free products, they usually replace them with equally dangerous chemicals.
~Shameless plug~
The Japanese respect their water, so much so they created a machine with a medical patent which is the hardest place to get one.

Kangen water

Platinum coated zinc plates charge the water.
More info? DM me
Filter your water to the best of your ability
-shower and tap filters (ion faucet has a great product that is customized to zip code)
-water softener
-RO machines (recommended it pass through beneficial minerals as RO water is dead)
-Kangen Water by Enagic🌟
It would be easier to just go to the local spring and source validate immediately.
That should be a goal for us. In the meantime, this is what we have and the consequence we pay for living in modern society.

Be mindful of your water, make it a ritual.

Get your water right.
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