Lion Electric $NGA weekend speculative DD: Why Amazon might be a factor in their new US factory location. (THREAD)

Upon the announcement of the definitive agreement, Lion announced that they plan on using the proceeds from the transaction for their new US factory.

In the Dec 2020 investor presentation, Lion $NGA announced that they're evaluating different sites for their US factory (to announce by EOY).

Amongst other states, Michigan was one of the choices for evaluation.

Marc Bedard (Lion $NGA CEO), announced that they plan on buying and updating an existing factory as part of their plans.

In the investor presentation, Lion $NGA highlighted that they have a multi-year purchase agreement of 2,500 Lion6 and Lion8 trucks to a mystery customer.

This agreement was executed in June 2020.

In September 2020, Lion $NGA confirmed an order from Amazon to deliver 10 Lion6 trucks for middle-mile trucking operations.

Within the same announcement, Lion hinted at the possibility of establishing a new manufacturing site in the US.

Marc Bedard (Lion $NGA CEO) announced that the Lion6 trucks will be used for transporation between distribution centers in the Amazon network (from one warehouse to the other).

In July 2020, Lion Electric $NGA registered a business (as foreign profit corporation) in Plymouth, Michigan.

In June 2020, Rivian announced that they are moving most of their Michigan operations to Irvine, California. $NGA

Finally, Michigan would make the most sense for Lion Electric $NGA.

- Proximity to their Canadian HQ + potential battery factory
- Proximity to Amazon warehouses
- Location in a legacy automaker state

DISCLAIMER: All this is pure speculation and for fun!

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