Women Empowerment in Vedas

The Vedas say, man himself (aatmanah) is incomplete, as long as (yaavat) he does not obtain (Vindate) a wife (jaayaa). According to the Vedic teachings and ancient Aryan scriptures, women have been placed at a higher status than man.

She has been given preference to man in every field, so much so that when giving a boy a joint name of a god & goddess, the name of goddess is always placed before the god.

For ex: In the name “Sita Rama”, Sita is wife of Rama. In “Radhe Shyama” Radha is the beloved of Krishna.
Again, in “Gori Shankar”, Gori is lord Shiva’s wife. We call our country motherland, mother is superior to father. We are taught to be more indebted to mother than father — “Maat devobhava” before “Pita devobhava”.

Woman stands paramount in Vedic culture.
We go as far as saying that if one wants to understand culture and civilisation of a nation, one has only to observe how that nation treats its women folk. She is the symbol of culture.
Sources: Women of History and My India my Glory

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