1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within you @advsanjoy .

You seem to selling rubbish propaganda without any base.

There is no primary source to prove this claim that Swami Vivekananda preached about Jesus on 24/12/1886 https://twitter.com/advsanjoy/status/1342107459041722368
2/n Christmas was not observed anytime in Belur Math in Vivekananda’s lifetime. @advsanjoy do produce a single photograph or other primary source to prove such claims.
3/n The incidence of Swami Vivekananda praising Jesus appears in the writings o his biography penned by contemporaries. One of them being by Swami

Though he too doesn’t mention Christmas celebration by Swami Vivekananda.
4/n Folks like @advsanjoy can at max pass Gau-Mutra jibe but truth is that RKM tried best to be declared as “minority non-Hindu” until the Supreme Court Intervened.

RKM had done so to draw the perks of being minority. They have humiliated Sw. Vivekananda big time. Shame! https://twitter.com/advsanjoy/status/1342456778743709696
5/n Mr @advsanjoy instead of acting like illiterates do read a bit. RKM did present affidavit to be declared as non-Hindu.

Why don’t you read this case “ Bramchari Sidheswar Bhai ... vs State Of West Bengal Etc on 2 July, 1995” completely. This is link https://indiankanoon.org/doc/63908073/ 
6/n Advocate @advsanjoy seem to be highly uneducated around the subject.

While he makes bunkum claim of Sw Vivekananda initiating Christmas celebrations he is unaware that he infact didn’t believe in existence of Jesus. Forget about Christmas.
7/n Source for 6/n : “Ch 8, Notes of some Wanderings with Swami Vivekananda” by Sister Nivedita.

There is a difference between considering personality of Jesus in high regards (Vivekananda did so), & considering him as historic & celebrating Christmas. @advsanjoy read a bit!
9/n This advocate seems to be factory of fake informations.

The earliest work on Ramkrishna’s views (his conversations with Mahendra Gupta) doesn’t talk of such incidence at all.

It first appears in “Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master by Swami Saradananda “ published in 1920. https://twitter.com/advsanjoy/status/1342251256987799554
10/n dear @advsanjoy should you be interested in truth, stop believing in Communist influenced RKM.

Ramkrishna never went on to embrace other religions as claimed by doctrine of RKM. Read the “Gospel of Ramkrishna”. I’m citing below from same to clear confusion.
11/n “God made me pass through the disciplines of vari- ous paths. First according to the Puranas, then according to the Tantra. I also followed the disciplines of the Vedas.” — Ramkrishna, Sept. 19, 1884

Interestingly in affidavit RKM rejected Vedas @advsanjoy
12/n Mr @advsanjoy here various paths, refer to Puranas, Tantra, Vedas. Not Islam, Christianity as claimed by RKM. https://twitter.com/aabhas24/status/1342533033836990466
13/n “I practised all sorts of Sadhana .... During my Sadhana period I had all kinds of amazing visions.” —Shri Ramkrishna, April 12, 1885.

But uninformed ones like @advsanjoy would think “versions” would means Christianity & Islam.
14/n Then Shri Ramakrishna described his sadhanas & vision, & how all these had an authentic, traditional Hindu context and identity.

According to him all these Sadhanas, led to the same goal as all of them derive from the same fundamental vision.
15/n He explained how old scriptures spoke of many dharmas and many paths which he practised and found them true.

Thus through his life and labour, he established the truth of the old scriptures in the eyes of the educated of Calcutta who were coming under an alien influence.
16/n but people like @advsanjoy work hard to disintegrate every effort and labour of Shri Ramkrishna. https://twitter.com/aabhas24/status/1342537828991791104
17/n Irony!

After passing misinformation’s about Swami Vivekananda & Shri Ramkrishna, this advocate has guts to talk of them again while playing victim card.

Apologise! Or remain exposed as LIAR! https://twitter.com/advsanjoy/status/1342531490064699392
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