Manusmriti was burnt by the revolutionary Gangadhar Nilkanth Sahasrabuddhe who insisted Ambedkar to lead the procession. Sahasrabuddhe & his wife devoted their life to anti-caste struggle & attempted to correct their ancestor’s sins. They’re the s/heroes of movement.
Mahad conference acted as a base for the ceremonious burning of Manusmriti. Initially, Ambedkar had refused to preside over the conference and has requested the conf committee to find a more suitable candidate. The Kolaba Dalits wanted Ambedkar and he did not budge. #CasteMatters
Finally, it was Sahasrabuddhe who took upon himself to convince Dr. Ambedkar to accept the invitation. At the historic conference (‘the first civil rights agitation’) Sahasrabuddhe proposed ‘dafan vidhi’ (ritual burying) of the Manusmriti which was seconded by Rajbhoj and Thorat.
At the 2nd Mahad Satyagraha Conference(25-27 Dec 1927) the ceremonial burning took place. 6 artisans have been working over 2 days on creating the stage of burning with sandalwood fire. They created a set up of death procession & wrote “Manusmriti Dahan Bhoomi” at the front, &...
“End Casteism” and “Burry Brahminism” on both sides. Sahasrabuddhe took pages of Manusmriti that advocated Casteism and women oppression and burnt with a ritualistic recitation of “swaha!”.
Sahasrabuddhe’s famous speech exhorting touchables on 19 March 1927 at the first Mahad Conference is a wise lesson for savarnas of our times:
Sahasrabuddhe was a saraswat Brahmin, his devotion to Ambedkar gained him the title of “Ambedkari Brahmin”.

Sahasrabuddhe was many things. An organizer, editor, etc. He should be an inspiration to every Brahmin.

We need #BrahminsAgainstBrahminism

For more, read #CasteMatters
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