So I’ve been watching a lot of Golf videos and reading a lot about it. Feeling confident, I joined Golfers discussion forums and started throwing advices and suggestions around to people who have been playing for decades. Soon enough, someone asked me “ It’s good that you know..
all about the type of Irons, Drivers etc etc and your science on wind etc is good..but have you ever played Golf?” I said No, but I surely can play better than all of you since I know all the theory. It’s just that I never got a chance to play and now I can’t. Since then..
no one argues with me. They let me say whatever I want to. I think I won 😊😊And now I have even started commenting on game play of some actual Professional ranked players, and whenever somebody tied to stop me, I bombard them with so much data, they back off and let me..
continue. I have tons of followers on SM coz I’m a very active poster. I’m sure Pro Golfers are just jealous and know the day I get a chance to play, which I know I won’t,,but if I did, I’m gonna kick their a$$e$ !
PS : the post has nothing to do with Def experts on SM. FYI.
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