I've linked 11,323 deaths to 1133 residential facilities in Canada, an increase of 72 deaths at 12+ facilities over yesterday, despite no data from MB, SK, AB and BC (save two news reports). Most of these deaths were reported here, in Quebec, where we are being pounded by COVID
Politicians and the richest Canadians have created so much misery and death. It's not the night to think about this but also, it is.

So many believe that tonight, a baby born inside a barn would be the saviour of the world. In a world of wealthy kinds, the lesson was that ...
the truth, the way and the light never passes through wealth and greed. It came down to earth in a fragile baby, wrapped in rags, lying in the feed trough of nearby donkeys and cows.
Recharge and reflect tonight, tomorrow and for whatever holiday time you have. Take it strategizing. Build that guilllotine. Make something that could bring us all closer to justice. And then attack the world in the new year.
(See you tomorrow! The data will be even worse than today!)
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