These were the 6 biggest market cap companies at end-1999.

Here’s what $1000 invested into each is worth now:

Microsoft: $2898
Walmart: $1438
Intel: $700
Exxon: $615
Cisco: $530
GE: $180
Nokia: $107

Two notes:

1⃣ Nokia sold off its mobile business to Microsoft in 2014
2⃣ Jack Welch is an absolute savage for growing GE 34x from $12B in 1981 to $410B in 2001 (when he left)
Third note:
3⃣You gotta ding Welch for creating GE Capital, which blew up in 2008.

GE needed $151B in private/gov bailouts:
Should have done Total Returns (inc. dividends etc).

Makes it look better for CSCO, XOM, INTC (but your investment is basically flat over 20 years)...GE and NOKIA suck the same amount of A$$.

MSFT: $2820
WMT: $1146
INTC: $1080
XOM: $1070
CSCO: $820
GE: $220
Nokia: $70
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