As it is Christmas Eve I thought I would share this. I don’t believe in religion, I think religion is an opiate of the masses that comes down from a past of people wanting to control others. I think religion is not good for humanity because it ties people to this controlled past.
However, I do believe in the example of Christ, of a good human being. The example of Christ being that you live for other people, away from yourself, you will be happy. If you live for yourself you will never be happy and likely never sleep well. I truly believe that if you
have other people in mind then that brings you happiness, because it raises you up. I think that those so who say that they are religious and yet do horrible things to others makes you diseased. There is no example of that Christ they say they believe in. It’s just control.
When I see wealthy politicians holding up Bible’s, it is grotesque. When they write Bible passages on Twitter and you know they are self-absorbed narcissists, that just want votes. That too is grotesque. The Bible has become an idol. They will use it to justify terrible behavior
But there is no example of Christ. They will accrue followers because they say they are Christian, yet they justify their behavior. I find it all appalling. If there is one thing that is clear is that Christianity is meant that you follow the example of Christ. No excuses.
This man in that book represents goodness, kindness, helping others, standing up to oppression, fighting for the oppressed, living for others, making friends with those society has pushed aside.
Yet in America, a nationalist religion has promoted greed, has promoted oppression and has allowed a powerful movement to take over the government based on greed, power and control.

The hijacking of a man of kindness to produce intolerance, hatred and bigotry. It’s disgraceful.
So Merry Christmas. Here’s to 2021 and treating fellow humans how you want to be treated. With respect, kindness and compassion. If you can’t do that you can’t call yourself a Christian, and we shouldn’t let them call themselves that. 🖖🎄☃️❄️⛄️☃️❄️🎄
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