ok I need to stop getting angry with the internet so let's have a chat about non-cobalt options for EV batteries

cobalt is rare, most of it is mined from DRC, which is a huge country that's been in civil war for decades. mining conditions are appalling: https://federicoscoppa.photoshelter.com/gallery/Illegal-mining-Congo/G0000P2VPGuMgSv0
cobalt is used in the cathodes (the + end) of lithium-ion batteries and it's a problem. getting hold of it is bad, there's very few practices for recovering it from used batteries, as usual we are flinging ourselves headlong down a pathway that leads to future problems.
[important note: this does not mean oil is more ethical, lots of exploitation and human and environmental suffering is caused by extracting oil - pipelines and pumps destroy landscapes, climate change is killing people, we just need to do the future better than that]
we could make this better. we could mine sustainably, we could treat the communities around mines like people, we could pressure that that is more important than share price. we *should* do that.

but also reducing cobalt and nickel reliance is a good thing to innovate.
there is an alternative to nickel and lithium, though and slightly ironically, given the idea is to move away from reliance on petrochemicals, it's plastic - this hasn't gone into EVs yet but iron fluoride, with a solid electrolyte, works: https://news.gatech.edu/2019/09/09/stretchy-plastic-electrolytes-could-enable-new-lithium-ion-battery-design
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