Hey @AriFleischer. Manafort was prosecuted because he worked for Trump. @AWeissmann_ went after Trump people until he found crimes or arm-twisted them into pleading on process crimes such as maybe lying about legal things. Every Mueller victim deserves a pardon! https://twitter.com/arifleischer/status/1341927636969385984
. @AriFleischer Your wing of the GOP likes to whine about MEDIAAA but you guys can’t see beyond what media sells so let me educate you about Manafort: His doors were punched open in July 2017 before @RodRosenstein gave Mueller power to go after non-Russia things. AFTER the raid,
Rosenstein wrote a Scope Memo. In it, he gave Mueller & Thugs the authority to go after 4 people about Russia and each of them also on possible crimes unrelated to Russia and unrelated to the other people such as Manafort’s Ukraine work. Please tell me @AriFleischer what is the
justice of unleashing a special counsel on people rather than on a crime? Wanting to investigate collusion anew (after 12 months investigating turning up nothing) is one level of abuse. But what’s this cruelty of listing names and a free pass to look at other items? Pardon away!
. @AriFleischer Prosecutor abuse is not just when a non-guilty person gets pinched. Abuse can be even if the victim of the abuse has committed a violation such as Manafort. @RodRosenstein had no business appointing Mueller 12 months into the Feds not finding anything. They knew
from the start of Mueller that there is NOTHING there. @petestrzok texted as much to @NatSecLisa. @JohnBrennan and Clapper both told Congress that when they left on 1/20/20 they has found nothing. The Obama leftovers who ran from TV show to TV show barking about COLLUSION were
asked by Congress in closed briefings during 2017 if they saw evidence of collusion and they ALL said no but then ran back to TV yelling about Collusion. The next abuse was that @AWeissmann_ went after people on unrelated stuff rather than on just collusion. cc @AriFleischer
The third abuse was that @RodRosenstein’s scope memo was written only in August; ten weeks of Mueller on the job and aftsd @AWeissmann_ had started going after Trump people for other stuff which was outside his authority. Rather than stop this abuse, RR’s memo enabled it more.
. @AriFleischer In all, the Manafort prosecution comes from a poisoned well and thus should be corrected. Besides, tax violations should not land a first-time convicted person into prison for many years or for any amount of years.
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