Islam stands against polytheists/pagans. It started with their most holy site, the Kaaba, the holy site of the Arab polytheists Islam destroyed.
It's never changed through Islam's history & India’s never seen end to chaos, violence & death because Islam stands against polytheism
Christianity holds the same bigoted & hateful views against polytheism which is why India is plagued with Christian missionaries intent on ending Dharmic culture & Hinduism. Christianity has even longer history against polytheism only because it's an older religion.
This will never change unless the people of India are honest about Islam & Christianity. Honest about Islam & Christianity’s religious stance against their ancient Dharmic/Vedic culture. It is an integral part of these Abrahamic religions, documented in their own Quran & Bible
Since you cannot force these religions to change their hateful & bigoted views against your culture. Since these religions refuse to accept the majority Hindu & Dharmic culture of India, it’s time for the Dharmic civilization of India to turn their backs on Islam & Christianity.
Reject them just as they reject you and Indias true Dharmic/Vedic culture. Do not celebrate their holidays or traditions. Just as they reject you and your ancient culture, reject them as the foreign adharmic religions they are, for they truly stand against you and your culture.
I know Sanatan Dharma & the Dharmic culture of India embraces pluralism & believes in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, but neither Islam or Christianity do the same for you in return. They do the opposite, they seek to end your culture so reject them and all they stand for.
They will never change. Their religions teach them to hate the Dharmic/Vedic culture of India & stand against it. They mistakenly think they are doing Gods work by targeting Hindus for conversion and trying to end the Dharmic civilization of India.
Never turn to violence against them, you don’t need to but defend yourself if needed. They may be misguided by their religion, but one does not need to stoop to their level. Just turn your backs on them, be courteous but close the door in their faces. They deserve no better.
For centuries Islam & Christianity have attacked the Dharmic culture of India, persecuted Hindus & demonized Hinduism. It’s not just against Hindus, it’s against all Dharmics including Jains, Buddhists & Sikhs. They seek to end the Dharmic culture of India.
Reject them just as they reject you. Make Islam & Christianity unpopular in India, their practitioners the social outcasts they deserve to be in the Dharmic land of India. Boycott their businesses if needed in favor of supporting those of your Dharmic community.
All in the Dhamric community, be you Hindu, Jain, Buddhist or Sikh, you must stand united in this task. Put aside whatever difference you think you may have and unite, for if you do not, your culture and your way of life will eventually cease to exist.
It is up to the people of India to protect their ancient culture for the religions of Islam and Christianity absolutely intend to end it. It is and has always been their singular & most important task in India so reject them.
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