I think what's most ugh about this is it's not like this is new; groping and exploitation of, particularly young, women has been a paddock staple for ages and the FIA have always looked away. But what's optimistic is that people *are* rightly angry, now and this could change.
It would be a straight-up lie if I pretended that paddocks are safe and welcoming environments for women: they're not and they never have been. But we could actually do the work now to make them that way, to repair the damage this has finally done. The FIA and FOM need to do it.
Also it would be great if the whole "if you can't hack it STAY OUT" thing was banished, for absolutely everyone working in motorsport. People tolerate stuff (mental and physical pain, verbal and physical assault, deteriorating health) for the privilege to work & that's fucked up.
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