1/I’ve embraced remote work completely like all tech folks have been forced too, & I’m afraid & inspired that the gains are so significant for employees that many/most will not go back to offices

This is going to lead to a crazy, competitive chess board for funds & startups.
2/Some companies will be able to draw top talent and demand they come to the office (think: Apple, FB, Google)

Companies that do real-world things like build cars or rocketships, will obviously be able to draw people to an office

For knowledge workers??
3/Nope. The top developers, writers, sales executives, product people, marketers, investing, finance executives, etc. will be able to say the following to big companies:

"I am only looking for job opportunities that allow me to work from home."

That's it. Done. Employees win.
4/Now, of course, some folks WANT to get out of their tiny apartments or houses, and will GLADLY go to the office.

However, much of the top talent will take 10-25% less compensation to set their own schedule and work from a dream location

This is the way (now).
💳 5/How will this impact startup investing?

From personal experience I can tell you that investors can meet with at least 2x the number of startups on Zoom then in person--probably more like 3x to be totally honest.

That's extremely powerful for returns I believe.
💸 6/How will remote work impact founders who are fundraising?

Well, the BEST founders can close deals on Zoom because they are THE BEST 📈

the founders who need to waste time coming to San Francisco will be a NEGATIVE SIGNAL! 📉

Think about that for a long moment investors.
7/What does this mean for Silicon Valley?

It's still going to be the capital, but if you are an established name ( @rabois) you will see zero change in your ability to invest in great companies on Zoom

SV will become a giant Google, Facebook, Salesforce, & Apple campus... BUT
8/The great startup investors & the next generation of startup founders DO NOT WANT to come to San Francisco

The founders only came here for the money/talent--they don't need to anymore!

This means Miami, Austin, Reno, Utah, etc. are all going to have more unicorns
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