This Christmas Season, Invest in Relationships.

Nothing matters more than the people in your life.

Here are 9 ideas make the most of this holiday.

1. Approach each conversation with curiosity.

I don't care how different your relative is from you. There's something you can learn from them.

Be genuinely curious as you talk with everyone around you. Your entire holiday will be more pleasant.
2. Keep your phone time separate from your family time.

Schedule limited time for your phone, and enjoy that time without guilt.

Then put your phone away and bask in the presence of those around you.
3. Build something together.

Build a mural.
Build a puzzle.
Build a lego set.
Build a pillow fort.
Build a gingerbread house.

Don't just sit around. Work toward a common goal.
4. Get outside together.

Cold fresh air.
Strolls through the city.
Family adventures in the woods.

h/t @DivvyUp_King
5. Play board games.

Nothing brings family together like friendly competition.

You're talking together.
You're thinking together.
You're laughing together.

h/t @TheCalmNCents
6. Start a fire.

A crackling fire stimulates conversation and reflection.

h/t @GlimpseOfWisdom
7. Take a walk.

I don't care how cold it is. Bundle up and go on a short journey.

Cold air on your cheeks makes you feel alive.

h/t @getpaidwrite
8. Watch a Christmas movie.

Is it even Christmas if you don't watch It’s A Wonderful Life?

h/t @IncomeSourcer
9. Share a meal together.

Bonding around a table is the best way to bond.

If you can't gather in person for a meal, schedule brunch on a video call.

In fact, all of the ideas in this thread can be used to make your video calls extra special.

h/t @thefioneers
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

I hope this sparked some ideas for you to enjoy with those you love.

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